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1995Formation and reactivity of acyl-glucuronides: The influence of chiralityHayball, Peter John
1997Formation of novel C'-oxidized abasic sites in alkylperoxyl radical-damaged plasmid DNA.Harkin, Louise A.; Burcham, Philip Cyril
2012Fournier Gangrene and unexpected deathBury, D.; Byard, R.
2014FOXP3 over-expression inhibits melanoma tumorigenesis via effects on proliferation and apoptosisTan, B.; Anaka, M.; Deb, S.; Freyer, C.; Ebert, L.; Chueh, A.; Al-Obaidi, S.; Behren, A.; Jayachandran, A.; Cebon, J.; Chen, W.; Mariadason, J.
1996Fractal dimension and architecture of trabecular boneFazzalari, N.; Parkinson, I.
1998Fractal Properties of Cancellous Bone of the Iliac Crest in Vertebral Crush FractureFazzalari, N.; Parkinson, I.
1995Fractal properties of iliac crest bone in vertebral crush fractureFazzalari, N.; Parkinson, I.
1997Fractal properties of subchondral cancellous bone in severe osteoarthritis of the hipFazzalari, N.; Parkinson, I.
2015Frailty syndrome - medicolegal considerationsByard, R.
2000Frequency of breeding and recruitment in the Short-beaked echidna, Tachyglossus aculeatusRismiller, P.; McKelvey, M.
2012Frequency of under- and overweight among children and adolescents during the economic transition in PolandZadzińska, E.; Rosset, I.; Kozieł, S.; Nawarycz, T.; Borowska-Strugińska, B.; Lorkiewicz, W.; Ostrowska-Nawarycz, L.; Sitek, A.
2010Frequently discordant results from therapeutic drug monitoring for digoxin: clinical confusion for the prescriberRogers, N.; Jones, T.; Morris, R.
2012From growth in height to growth in breadth": The changing body in Switzerland since the 19th centuryStaub, K.; Floris, J.; Bogin, B.; Woitek, U.; Pfister, C.; Ruhli, F.; Symposium of the Society for the Study of Human Biology celebrating the Human Biology of Jim Tanner (13 Dec 2011 - 15 Dec 2011 : Corpus Christi College, Cambridge)
2013"From growth in height to growth in breadth": The changing body shape of Swiss conscripts since the late 19th century and possible endocrine explanationsStaub, K.; Rühli, F.
2009Fulminant leucocytoclastic brainstem vasculitis in a patient with otherwise indolent systemic lupus erythematosusKleinig, T.; Koszyca, B.; Blumbergs, P.; Thompson, P.
2007Functional analysis of the polymorphism - 211C>T in the regulatory region of the human ABCC3 geneGradhand, U.; Tegude, H.; Burk, O.; Eichelbaum, M.; Fromm, M.; Konig, J.
2005Functional foods for genome health - is there a role for dairy foods?Fenech, M.
1995Functional tolerance to a-adrenergic receptor blockade in the spontaneously hypertensive rat highlights the multi-functional role of vascular angiotensin II in the development of hypertensionSmid, S.; Frewin, D.; Wyartt, C.; Head, R.
2015Further evidence for a lack of reliability in the histologic ageing of bruises-an autopsy studyRoss, C.; Langlois, N.; Heath, K.; Byard, R.
2012Further Investigations into the speed of cerebral swelling following blunt cranial traumaByard, R.; Gabrielian, L.; Helps, S.; Thornton, E.; Vink, R.