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2002Long-term exposure of Em-Pim1 transgenic mice to 898.4 MHz microwaves does not increase lymphoma incidenceUtteridge, T.; Gebski, V.; Finnie, J.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Kuchel, T.
2004Long-term follow-up using a higher target range for lamotrigine monitoringMorris, R.; Lee, M.; Cleanthous, X.; Black, A.
2008Long-term imatinib therapy promotes bone formation in CML patientsFitter, S.; Dewar, A.; Kostakis, P.; To, L.; Hughes, T.; Roberts, M.; Lynch, K.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Zannettino, A.
2005Long-term persistence of Coxiella burnetii after acute primary Q feverMarmion, B.; Storm, P.; Ayres, J.; Semendric, L.; Mathews, L.; Winslow, W.; Turra, M.; Harris, R.
2013A long-term toxicology study on pigs fed a combined genetically modified (GM) soy and GM maize dietCarman, J.; Vlieger, H.; Ver Steeg, L.; Sneller, V.; Robinson, G.; Clinch-Jones, C.; Haynes, J.; Edwards, J.
2001Longchain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and blood vessel functionAbeywardena, M.; Head, R.
2015A longitudinal evaluation of performance of automated BCR-ABL1 quantitation using cartridge-based detection systemEnjeti, A.; Granter, N.; Ashraf, A.; Fletcher, L.; Branford, S.; Rowlings, P.; Dooley, S.
2014Loss of Bak enhances lymphocytosis but does not ameliorate thrombocytopaenia in BCL-2 transgenic miceVandenberg, C.; Josefsson, E.; Campbell, K.; James, C.; Lawlor, K.; Kile, B.; Cory, S.
2014Loss of endothelial barrier antigen immunoreactivity as a marker of Clostridium perfringens type D epsilon toxin-induced microvascular damage in rat brainFinnie, J.; Manavis, J.; Chidlow, G.
2013Low appendicular skeletal muscle mass (ASM) with limited mobility and poor health outcomes in middle-aged African AmericansMalmstrom, T.; Miller, D.; Herning, M.; Morley, J.
2004Low blood pressure and low energy: (how) are they related?Tonkin, A.
2003Low detection rate of antibodies to non-functional epitopes on factor VIII in patients with hemophilia A and negative for inhibitors by Bethesda assayLing, M.; Duncan, E.; Rodgers, S.; Street, A.; Lloyd, J.
2009Low dose metal particles can induce monocyte/macrophage survivalLacey, D.; De Kok, B.; Clanchy, F.; Bailey, M.; Speed, K.; Haynes, D.; Graves, S.; Hamilton, J.
2008Low expression of γ-glutamyl hydrolase mRNA in primary colorectal cancer with the CpG island methylator phenotypeKawakami, K.; Ooyama, A.; Ruszkiewicz, A.; Jin, M.; Watanabe, G.; Moore, J.; Oka, T.; Iacopetta, B.; Minamoto, T.
2013Low-dose endotoxin potentiates capsaicin-induced pain in man: evidence for a pain neuroimmune connectionHutchinson, M.; Bujis, M.; Tuke, S.; Kwok, Y.; Gentgall, M.; Williams, D.; Rolan, P.
2008Low-magnitude high-frequency mechanical signals accelerate and augment endochondral bone repair: preliminary evidence of efficacyGoodship, Allen Edward; Lawes, Timothy J.; Rubin, Clinton T.
2012Lower extremity deep venous thrombosis with fatal pulmonary thromboembolism caused by benign pelvic space-occupying lesions - An overviewRosenfeld, H.; Byard, R.
2005LTBP-2 competes with LTBP-1 for binding to fibrillin-1 and interacts with basement membrane collagen-IVGibson, M.; Hirani, R.; Hanssen, E.; Annual Meeting of the Matrix Biology Society of Australia and New Zealand (29th : 2005 : Victor Harbor, S. Aust.)
2014LTBP-2 competes with tropoelastin for binding to fibulin-5 and heparin, and is a negative modulator of elastinogenesisSideek, M.; Menz, C.; Kamkar Parsi, M.; Gibson, M.
2010LTBP-2 has multiple heparin/heparan sulfate binding sitesKamkar Parsi, M.; Adams, J.; Whitelock, J.; Gibson, M.