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2005Magnetic resonance spectroscopyVink, R.
2004MAGP-2 has multiple binding regions on fibrillins and has covalent periodic association with fibrillin-containing microfibrilsHanssen, E.; Hew, F.; Bradford, E.; Gibson, M.
2012Maintenance drugs to treat opioid dependenceFarrell, M.; Wodak, A.; Gowing, L.
2013Maintenance of Wakefulness Test scores and driving performance in sleep disorder patients and controlsPhilip, Pierre; Chaufton, Cyril; Tailard, Jacques; Sagaspe, Patricia; Leger, Damien; Raimondi, Monika; Vakulin, Andrew; Capelli, Aurore
2006Maintenance pharmacotherapy for opioid dependence and SF-36 Health status: a comparison with general population norms and other chronic disordersO'Brien, S.; Mattick, R.; White, J.; Breen, C.; Kimber, J.; Ritter, A.; Lintzeris, N.
2007MALDI-TOF mass spectometry for multiplex genotyping of CYP2B6 single-nucleotide polymorphismsBlievernicht, J.; Schaeffeler, E.; Klein, K.; Eichelbaum, M.; Schwab, M.; Zanger, U.
2000Maldigestion and malabsorptionRatnaike, Ranjit Nihal; Barbour, Angela Helen
1999Malignant melanoma metastatic to a meningiomaWong, A.; Koszyca, B.; Blumbergs, P.; Sandhu, N.; Halcrow, S.
1998Management issues associated with constructed wetlands in urban areas of Australia.Williams, W.; Pettman, I.; Manning, P.; Falconer, I.
2008Management of a large lesion of monostotic fibrous dysplasia with possible malignant transformationShimamura, Y.; Kaneko, K.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Yazawa, Y.
1996Management of isolated systolic hypertensionTonkin, A.; Wing, L.
2000The management of opioid withdrawalGowing, L.; Ali, R.; White, J.
1998Mandibular ramus flexure is a good indicator of sexual dimorthismLoth, S.; Henneberg, M.
1996Mandibular ramus flexure: A new morphologic indicator of sexual dimorphism in the human skeletonLoth, S.; Henneberg, M.
2011Manifestations of mystical experience and evolution of the human brainSaniotis, A.; Henneberg, M.
1997Manual dexterity of South African children growing in contrasting socioeconomic conditionsVerdonck, M.; Henneberg, M.
2012Marantic endocarditis – A not so benign entityLee, V.; Gilbert, J.; Byard, R.
2008Marfan syndrome and sudden death within a family - Aetiologic, molecular and diagnostic issues at autopsyHirani, R.; Koszyca, B.; Byard, R.
2011Marked decline in 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) based on wastewater analysisChen, C.; Kostakis, C.; Harpas, P.; Felgate, P.; Irvine, R.; White, J.
2001The marsupial and monotreme thymus, revisitedHaynes, J.