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1999Protamine Mediated Condensation of DNA in Mammalian SpermBalhorn, R.; Cosman, M.; Thornton, K.; Krishnan, V.; Corzett, M.; Bench, G.; Kramer, C.; Hud, N.; Allen, M.; Prieto, M.; Meyer-Ilse, W.; Brown, J.; Kirz, J.; Zhang, X.; Bradbury, E.; Maki, G.; Braun, R.; Breed, W.
1998Protection by black tea and green tea against UVB and UVA + B induced skin cancer in hairless miceRecord, Ian Ronald; Dreosti, Ivor E.
1998Protection by tea against UVA and B-induced skin cancers in hairless miceRecord, Ian Ronald; Dreosti, Ivor E.
1996Protection by zinc against UVA - and UVB-induced cellular and genomic damage in vivo and in vitroRecord, Ian Ronald; Jannes, Mary; Dreosti, Ivor E.
2004Protein adduct-trapping by hydrazinophthalazine drugs: Mechanisms of cytoprotection against acrolein-mediated toxicityBurcham, P.; Fontaine, F.; Kaminskas, L.; Petersen, D.; Pyke, S.
2000Protein composition of the ventral processes on the sperm head of Australian hydromine rodentsBreed, W.; Idriss, D.; Oko, R.
2001Protein interaction studies of MAGP-1 with tropoelastin and fibrillin-1Jensen, S.; Reinhardt, D.; Gibson, M.; Weiss, A.
2013Protein kinase activity of phosphoinositide 3-kinase regulates cytokine-dependent cell survivalThomas, D.; Powell, J.; Green, B.; Barry, E.; Ma, Y.; Woodcock, J.; Fitter, S.; Zannettino, A.; Pitson, S.; Hughes, T.; Lopez, A.; Shepherd, P.; Wei, A.; Ekert, P.; Guthridge, M.
1998Protein synthesis and secretion by the epididymis of the brushtail possum, Trichosurus vulpeculaLamont, A.; Clarke, H.; Cooper, N.; Holland, M.; Breed, W.
2017Proteome analysis of Drosophila mutants identifies a regulatory role for 14-3-3ε in metabolic pathwaysNg, Y.; Sorvina, A.; Bader, C.; Weiland, F.; Lopez, A.; Hoffmann, P.; Shandala, T.; Brooks, D.
2005A proteomic approach to identifying matrix proteins interacting with transforming growth factor-β-inducible gene h-3 (βig-h3)Gibson, M.; Kamkar Parsi, M.; Hanssen, E.; Annual Meeting of the Matrix Biology Society of Australia and New Zealand (29th : 2005 : Victor Harbor, S. Aust.)
2016Proton pump inhibitors and risk of Clostridium difficile infection: a multi-country study using sequence symmetry analysisRoughead, E.; Chan, E.; Choi, N.; Griffiths, J.; Jin, X.; Lee, J.; Kimura, M.; Kimura, T.; Kubota, K.; Lai, E.; Man, K.; Nguyen, T.; Ooba, N.; Park, B.; Sato, T.; Shin, J.; Wang, T.; Wong, I.; Yang, Y.; Pratt, N.
2011Pseudoxanthoma elasticum and sudden deathCombrinck, M.; Gilbert, J.; Byard, R.
2008Psychometric evaluation of the Amphetamine Cessation Symptom AssessmentMcGregor, C.; Srisurapanont, M.; Mitchell, A.; Longo, M.; Cahill, S.; White, J.
2016Psychosocial interventions for cannabis use disorderGates, P.; Sabioni, P.; Copeland, J.; Le Foll, B.; Gowing, L.
2016Psychosocial interventions for cannabis use disorderGates, P.; Sabioni, P.; Copeland, J.; Le Foll, B.; Gowing, L.; Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs Conference 2016 (30 Oct 2016 - 02 Nov 2016 : Sydney, Australia)
2010Psychosocial treatment for methamphetamine use disorders: A preliminary randomized controlled trial of cognitive behavior therapy and acceptance and commitment therapySmout, M.; Longo, M.; Harrison, S.; Minniti, R.; Wickes, W.; White, J.
2010The psychostimulant check-up: A pilot study of a brief intervention to reduce illicit stimulant useSmout, M.; Longo, M.; Harrison, S.; Minniti, R.; Cahill, S.; Wickes, W.; White, J.
2003Psychotic symptoms in methamphetamine psychotic in-patientsSrisurapanont, M.; Ali, R.; Marsden, J.; Sunga, A.; Wada, K.; Monteiro, M.
1995Psychotropic drug guidelinesWhite, J.