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2012Sudden death and Angelman SyndromeHerbst, J.; Byard, R.
2001Sudden death and intussusception in infancy and childhood - Autopsy considerationsByard, R.; Simpson, A.
2009Sudden death and the forensic evaluation of neurocutaneous syndromesJensen, L.; Heath, K.; Scott, G.; Byard, R.
2011Sudden death as a complication of bacterial endocarditisMolga, A.; Gilbert, J.; Byard, R.
2009Sudden death associated with intravenous injection of toad extractKostakis, C.; Byard, R.
1995Sudden death due to undiagnosed medullary-pontine astrocytomaOpeskin, K.; Ruszkiewicz, A.; Ross, A.
1995Sudden death in an infant due to histiocytoid cardiomyopathyRuszkiewicz, A.; Vernon-Roberts, E.
1995Sudden death in an infant due to histiocytoid cardiomyopathy: A light microscopic, ultrastructural and immunohistochemical studyVernon-Roberts, E.; Ruszkiewicz, A.
2004Sudden death in infancy, childhood and adolescenceByard, R.
2010Sudden death in the youngByard, R.
2007Sudden infant death syndorome: A pathologist's perspective in child fatality reviewKrous, H.; Byard, R.
2007Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) - Standardised investigations and classification: RecommendationsBajanowski, T.; Vege, A.; Byard, R.; Krous, H.; Arnestad, M.; Bachs, L.; Banner, J.; Blair, P.; Borthne, A.; Dettmeyer, R.; Fleming, P.; Gaustad, P.; Gregersen, M.; Grogaard, J.; Holter, E.; Isaksen, C.; Jorgensen, J.; de Lange, C.; Madea, B.; Moore, I.; et al.
1995Sudden infant death syndrome - A 'diagnosis' looking for a diseaseByard, R.
1996Sudden infant death syndrome - the mystery continuesByard, R.
2008Sudden infant death syndrome and fatal child abuseKrous, H.; Byard, R.
2004Sudden infant death syndrome and unclassified sudden infant deaths: A definitional and diagnostic approachKrous, H.; Beckwith, J.; Byard, R.; Rognum, T.; Bajanowski, T.; Corey, T.; Cutz, E.; Hanzlick, R.; Keens, T.; Mitchell, E.
2008Sudden infant death syndrome or murder?Byard, R.; Sawaguchi, T.
1995Sudden infant death syndrome: Effect of breast and formula feeding on frontal cortex and brainstem lipid levelsByard, R.; Makrides, M.; Need, M.; Neumann, M.; Gibson, R.
2003Sudden infant death syndrome: overview and updateByard, R.; Krous, H.
2001Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Problems, Progress and PossibilitiesByard, R.; Krous, H.