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2013Supplementary thiamine is still important in alcohol dependenceRees, E.; Gowing, L.
2009Suppression of inflammation in ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke: therapeutic optionsKleinig, T.; Vink, R.
2012Suppression of PDGF-induced PI3 kinase activity by imatinib promotes adipogenesis and adiponectin secretionFitter, S.; Vandyke, K.; Gronthos, S.; Zannettino, A.
2008A supratentorial cyst - Part 1 - Explanation and diagnosis: Enterogenous cystAstill, D.; Jones, N.; Vivek, J.; Blumbergs, P.
2008Surgical anatomy for pelvic external fixationSolomon, L.; Pohl, A.; Chehade, M.; Malcolm, A.; Howie, D.; Henneberg, M.
2013The surgical anatomy of the piriformis tendon, with particular reference to total hip replacement: a cadaver studyRoche, J.; Jones, C.; Khan, R.; Yates, P.
2006Survey of clopidogrel use in a teaching hospitalArmenores, P.; Wiltshire, S.; Tonkin, A.; Shakib, S.
1997Survey of cyclosporin therapeutic ranges, assay methodology and use of 'sparing agents' in Australasian transplant centres.Jones, Terry E.; Morris, Raymond G.
1996Survey of cyclosporin-sparing agent use in Australasian transplant centres.Jones, Terry E.
2001Survey of intensive care units and availability of drug assays in AustralasiaMorris, R.; Kennedy, M.; Kiloh, N.
2006Suspected DLIS interference in the dimension DGNA digoxin assay method and the clinical application of the revised digoxin target rangeMorris, R.; Jones, T.; Goldsworthy, S.; Wagner, T.; Ho, H.; Horowitz, J.
2012Swallowing dysfunction in cancer patientsRaber-Durlacher, J.; Brennan, M.; Verdonck-de Leeuw, I.; Gibson, R.; Eilers, J.; Waltimo, T.; Bots, C.; Michelet, M.; Sollecito, T.; Rouleau, T.; Sewnaik, A.; Bensadoun, R.; Fliedner, M.; Silverman, S.; Spijkervet, F.
2006Switching between methadone and morphine for maintenance treatment of opioid dependence: Impact on pain sensitivity and mood statusMitchell, T.; White, J.; Somogyi, A.; Bochner, F.
2007Symmetrical "mirror-image" injuries and the "chessboard" pattern: Useful markers of self-mutilationByard, R.; Gilbert, J.; Tsokos, M.
2013The symmetry of self mutilation and the chess board patternByard, R.; Heath, K.; Tsokos, M.
2013Symmetry: the key to diagnosing propeller strike injuries in sea mammalsByard, R.; Machado, A.; Woolford, L.; Boardman, W.
2008Symptoms and sleep patterns during inpatient treatment of methamphetamine withdrawal: A comparison of mirtazapine and modafinil with treatment as usualMcGregor, C.; Srisurapanont, M.; Mitchell, A.; Wickes, W.; White, J.
2016A syntenic cross species aneuploidy genetic screen links RCAN1 expression to β-Cell mitochondrial dysfunction in type 2 diabetesPeiris, H.; Duffield, M.; Fadista, J.; Jessup, C.; Kashmir, V.; Genders, A.; McGee, S.; Martin, A.; Saiedi, M.; Morton, N.; Carter, R.; Cousin, M.; Kokotos, A.; Oskolkov, N.; Volkov, P.; Hough, T.; Fisher, E.; Tybulewicz, V.; Busciglio, J.; Coskun, P.; et al.
2012Synthesizing descriptive evidenceLockwood, C.; White, S.
1997Systematic and Luminal influences on the perinatal development of the gutTrahair, J. F.; Sangild, T.