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2001Building faces from dry skulls: Are they recognized above chance rates?Stephan, C.; Henneberg, M.
2009Buprenorphine for the management of opioid withdrawalGowing, L.; Ali, R.; White, J.
2002Buprenorphine for the management of opioid withdrawalGowing, L.; Ali, R.; White, J.
2019Buprenorphine maintenance subjects are hyperalgesic and have no antinociceptive response to a very high morphine doseAthanasos, P.; Ling, W.; Bochner, F.; White, J.; Somogyi, A.
2003Buprenorphine versus methadone maintenance therapy: a randomized double-blind trial with 405 opioid-dependent patientsMattick, R.; Ali, R.; White, J.; O'Brien, S.; Wolk, S.; Danz, C.
2003Buprenorphine versus methadone maintenance: a cost-effectiveness analysisDoran, C.; Shanahan, M.; Mattick, R.; Ali, R.; White, J.; Bell, J.
2007By hook or by crook? Morphometry, competition and cooperation in rodent spermImmler, S.; Moore, H.; Breed, W.; Birkhead, T.
2006Café coronary syndrome-fatal choking on food: an autopsy approachWick, R.; Gilbert, J.; Byard, R.
2015Caffeic accid phenethyl ester abrogates bone resorption in a murine calvarial model of polyethylene particle-induced osteolysisZawawi, M.; Perilli, E.; Stansborough, R.; Marino, V.; Cantley, M.; Xu, J.; Dharmapatni, A.; Haynes, D.; Gibson, R.; Crotti, T.
1996Calcified cartilage, subchondral and cancellous bone morphometry within the knee of normal subjectsKoszyca, B.; Fazzalari, N.; Vernon-Roberts, B.
2008Calcium density of bone correlates with trabecular bone architectureFazzalari, N.; Ma, B.; Sutton-Smith, P.; Kuliwaba, J.; Phipps, R.; Parkinson, I.; Badiei, A.
2000Calcium requirement is a sliding scaleNordin, B.
2008Calcium supplementation does not increase mortality - In replyTang, Benjamin M. P.; Nordin, Borje Edgar Christopher
2013Can a competitive neural network explain selective attention in insect target tracking neurons?Shoemaker, P.; Wiederman, S.; O'Carroll, D.; International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (6th : 2013 : San Diego, U.S.A.)
2015Can ancestry be consistently determined from the skeleton?Sierp, I.; Henneberg, M.
2008Can exercise modulate the maturation of functionality different immature tendons in the horse?Kasashima, Y.; Takahashi, T.; Birch, Helen L.; Smith, Roger K. W.; Goodship, Allen Edward
2017Can my mechanic fix blue cars? A discussion of health clinicians' interactions with Aboriginal Australian clientsHill, S.; Ewen, S.; Paul, D.; Wilkin, A.
2002Cancellous bone microdamage in the proximal femur: Influence of age and osteoarthritis on damage morphology and regional distributionFazzalari, N.; Kuliwaba, J.; Forwood, M.
2006Cancer morphology, carcinogenesis and genetic instability: a backgroundBignold, L.; Coghlan, B.; Jersmann, H.
2006Cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptors coupled to cholinergic motorneurones inhibit neurogenic circular muscle contractility in the human colonHinds, N.; Ullrich, K.; Smid, S.