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2013Cannabinoid CB2 receptor activation attenuates cytokine-evoked mucosal damage in a human colonic explant model without changing epithelial permeabilityHarvey, B.; Nicotra, L.; Vu, M.; Smid, S.
2014Cannabinoid effects on β amyloid fibril and aggregate formation, neuronal and microglial-activated neurotoxicity in vitroJanefjord, E.; Maag, J.; Harvey, B.; Smid, S.
2009Cannabis and benzodiazepines as determinants of methadone trough plasma concentration variability in maintenance treatment: a transnational studyHallinan, R.; Crettol, S.; Agho, K.; Attia, J.; Besson, J.; Croquette-Krokar, M.; Hammig, R.; Deglon, J.; Byrne, A.; Ray, J.; Somogyi, A.; Eap, C.
2007Carboxylic acid drug-induced DNA nicking in HEK293 cells expressing human UDP-glucuronosyltransferases: Role of acyl glucuronide metabolites and glycation pathwaysSouthwood, H.; DeGraaf, Y.; MacKenzie, P.; Miners, J.; Burcham, P.; Sallustio, B.
2004Carcinogen-induced impairment of enzymes for replicative fidelity of DNA and the initiation of tumoursBignold, L.
2010Cardiac injuries in car occupants in fatal motor vehicle collisions - An autopsy-based studyTurk, E.; Tsang, Y.; Champaneri, A.; Pueschel, K.; Byard, R.
2014Cardiac tumors and sudden deathBeh, P.; Byard, R.
2000Cardiovascular adverse effects of antipsychotic drugsBuckley, N.; Sanders, P.
1999Cardiovascular changes during morphine administration and spontaneous withdrawal in the rat.Chan, R.; Irvine, R.; White, J.
2010Cardiovascular conditions and the evaluation of the heart in pregnancy-associated autopsiesHerbst, J.; Winskog, C.; Byard, R.
2013Cardiovascular disease in elderlyMenz, F.; Langlois, N.
1996The cardiovascular protective role of docosahexaenoic acid.McLennan, P.; Howe, P.; Abeywardena, M.; Muggli, R.; Raederstorff, D.; Mano, M.; Rayner, T.; Head, R.
2004Cardiovascular responses to orthostatic and other stressors in men and women are independent of sexKelly, D.; Scroop, G.; Tonkin, A.; Thornton, A.
2005The case for strategic international alliances to harness nutritional genomics for public and personal healthFenech, M.
2020A case of haemorrhagic myositis with concurrent anti-Ro52 and anti-NXP-2 antibodies treated with plasmapheresisBrown, Z.R.; Thomas, J.S.; Limaye, V.
2013A case of pancreatic cancer in the setting of autoimmune pancreatitis with nondiagnostic serum markersChandrasegaram, M.; Chiam, S.; Nguyen, N.; Ruszkiewicz, A.; Chung, A.; Neo, E.; Chen, J.; Worthley, C.; Brooke-Smith, M.
2005A case of presumptive primary lateral sclerosis with upper and lower motor neurone pathologyShort, C.; Scott, G.; Blumbergs, P.; Koblar, S.
2013A case study of real-time monitoring of solid-state phase transformations in acoustically levitated particles using near infrared and Raman spectroscopyRehder, S.; Wu, J.; Laackmann, J.; Moritz, H.-.U.; Rantanen, J.; Rades, T.; Leopold, C.
2004The cause of death in SIDSRognum, T.; Vege, A.; Opdal, S.; Arnestad, M.; Stray-Pedersen, A.; Byard, R.
2001Causes and Effects of Human VariationHenneberg, M.; Kilgariff, J.