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2005Does human relaxin-2 affect peripheral blood mononuclear cells to increase inflammatory mediators in pathologic bone loss?Krisstiansson, P.; Holding, C.; Hughes, S.; Haynes, D.
2012Does intraoperative ketamine attenuate inflammatory reactivity following surgery?: a systematic review and meta-analysisDale, O.; Somogyi, A.; Li, Y.; Sullivan, T.; Shavit, Y.
2010Does liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry have a role in therapeutic drug monitoring of digoxin?Taylor, P.; Morris, R.
2013Does non-transferrin bound iron contribute to transfusion related immune-modulation in preterms?Stark, M.; Keir, A.; Andersen, C.
2017Does psychosocial stress explain socioeconomic inequities in 9-year weight gain among young women?Ball, K.; Schoenaker, D.; Mishra, G.
2005Does sexual dimorphism in facial soft tissue depths justify sex distinction in craniofacial identification?Stephan, C.; Norris, R.; Henneberg, M.
2017Does tablet formulation alone improve adherence and persistence: a comparison of ezetimibe fixed dose combination versus ezetimibe separate pill combination?Bartlett, L.; Pratt, N.; Roughead, E.
2013Does the intensity of the inflammatory reaction in a bruise depend on its proximity to the site of trauma?Ross, C.; Byard, R.; Langlois, N.
2002Does the pineal gland have a role in the psychological mechanisms involved in the progression of cancer?Callaghan, Brian Desmond
2014Does β-APP staining of the brain in infant bed-sharing deaths differentiate these cases from sudden infant death syndrome?Jensen, L.; Banner, J.; Byard, R.
2013The Doping myth: 100 m sprint results are not improved by 'doping'Hermann, A.; Henneberg, M.
2013Dose-related psychotic symptoms in chronic methamphetamine users: evidence from a prospective longitudinal studyMcKetin, R.; Lubman, D.; Baker, A.; Dawe, S.; Ali, R.
2011Driving simulator performance remains impaired in patients with severe OSA after CPAP treatmentVakulin, A.; Baulk, S.; Catcheside, P.; Antic, N.; van den Heuvel, C.; Dorrian, J.; McEvoy, R.
2007Drowning and three-wheel strollersByard, R.; Matthews, N.
2012Drowning in childhood - an ongoing problemByard, R.
2006Drowning, haemodilution, haemolysis and staining of the intima of the aortic root - preliminary observationsByard, R.; Cains, G.; Simpson, E.; Eitzen, D.; Tsokos, M.
2012Drug interactions with triptans which are clinically significant?Rolan, P.
2012Drug policy in Vietnam: a decade of change?Vuong, T.; Ali, R.; Baldwin, S.; Mills, S.
2012Drugs against acute and chronic painSomogyi, A.; Coller, J.
1996Drugs and brain deathKennedy, Michael; Moran, John L.; Fearnside, Michael R.; Morris, Raymond G.; Upton, Richard N.; Chivell, Wayne; Tobin, Bernadette