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2005?B-Crystallin is a major component of glial cytoplasmic inclusions in multiple system atrophyPountney, D.; Treweek, T.; Chataway, T.; Huang, Y.; Chegini, F.; Blumbergs, P.; Raftery, M.; Gai, W.
2004Baclofen prevents MDMA-induced rise in core body temperature in ratsBexis, S.; Phillis, B.; Ong, J.; White, J.; Irvine, R.
2007Bacterial degradation of microcystin toxins in drinking water eliminates their toxicityHo, L.; Gaudieux, A.; Fanok, S.; Newcombe, G.; Humpage, A.
2013Bacterial degradation of risperidone and paliperidone in decomposing bloodButzbach, D.; Stockham, P.; Kobus, H.; Sims, N.; Byard, R.; Lokan, R.; Walker, S.
2015Ballistics ordnance gelatine - how different concentrations, temperatures and curing times affect calibration resultsMaiden, N.; Fisk, W.; Wachsberger, C.; Byard, R.
2009Ballistics reviews: mechanisms of bullet wound traumaMaiden, Nicholas Russell
2007Barrett esophagus and unexpected deathByard, R.
2013Basal epithelial formalin pigment deposition in the kidneys - A useful marker for ketoacidosis at autopsyZhou, C.; Gilbert, J.; Yool, A.; Byard, R.
2012Basal renal tubular epithelial cell vacuolization and alcoholic ketoacidosisZhou, C.; Byard, R.
2006A Bayesian approach for population pharmacokinetic modelling of sirolimusDansirikul, C.; Morris, R.; Tett, S.; Duffull, S.
2012Becoming a peer reviewer to medical education journalsAzer, S.; Ramani, S.; Peterson, R.
2012Bed sharing and sudden infant death syndromeByard, R.
2013Bed sharing deaths in infancy - SIDS or asphyxia?Byard, R.
2008Behavioral effects of amphetamine in streptozotocin-treated ratsSevak, R.; Koek, W.; Daws, L.; Owens, W.; Galli, A.; France, C.
2003Behavioural changes after different stress paradigms: Prepulse inhibition increased after physical but not emotional stressBuisman-Pijlman, F.; Herremans, A.; Van De Kieft, J.; Kruse, C.; Van Ree, J.
1995Behavioural effects of caffeine coadministered with nicotine, benzodiazepines and alcohol.White, Jason Mark
2014Benchmarking organic micropollutants in wastewater, recycled water and drinking water with In vitro bioassaysEscher, B.; Allinson, M.; Altenburger, R.; Bain, P.; Balaguer, P.; Busch, W.; Crago, J.; Denslow, N.; Dopp, E.; Hilscherova, K.; Humpage, A.; Kumar, A.; Grimaldi, M.; Jayasinghe, B.; Jarosova, B.; Jia, A.; Makarov, S.; Maruya, K.; Medvedev, A.; Mehinto, A.; et al.
1995Best Practice in Therapeutic Drug MonitoringTett, Susan Elizabeth; Ray, J.; Morris, R.
2006beta ig-h3 interacts directly with biglycan and decorin, promotes collagen VI aggregation, and participates in ternary complexing with these macromoleculesReinboth, B.; Thomas, J.; Hanssen, E.; Gibson, M.
2006Beyond the sphere of the English facial approximation literature: ramifications of German papers on Western method conceptsStephan, Carl N.