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2001Ganglioglioma of the lateral ventricle presenting with blepharospasm - case report and review of the literatureLee, G.; Scott, G.; Blumbergs, P.; Brophy, B.; Crompton, L.
2001Gastric distension cerebral palsy and unexpected deathByard, R.; Couper, R.; Cohle, S.
2012Gastric HER2 Testing Study (GaTHER): An Evaluation of Gastric/Gastroesophageal Junction Cancer Testing Accuracy in AustraliaFox, S.; Kumarasinghe, M.; Armes, J.; Bilous, M.; Cummings, M.; Farshid, G.; Fitzpatrick, N.; Francis, G.; McCloud, P.; Raymond, W.; Morey, A.
2012The gastrointestinal endocannabinoid system in health and inflammationHarvey, B.; Smid, S.
2008Gastrointestinal endocannabinoid system: Multifaceted roles in the healthy and inflamed intestineSmid, S.
2014Gastrointestinal mucositis: the role of MMP-tight junction interactions in tissue injuryAl-Dasooqi, N.; Wardill, H.; Gibson, R.
2004Gender Differences in Patellofemoral Joint BiomechanicsJones, C.
2011The generalized polymorphous concept account of graded structure in abstract categoriesVerheyen, S.; Stukken, L.; De Deyne, S.; Dry, M.; Storms, G.
2009Genetic influences on the pharmacokinetics of orally and intravenously administered Digoxin as exhibited by monozygotic twinsBirkenfeld, A.; Jordan, J.; Hofmann, U.; Busjahn, A.; Franke, G.; Kruger, N.; Igel, S.; Murdter, T.; Drescher, S.; Shi, S.; Engeli, S.; Schwab, M.; Eichelbaum, M.; Luft, F.; Fromm, M.
2014Genetic relationships between suicide attempts, suicidal ideation and major psychiatric disorders: a genome-wide association and polygenic scoring studyMullins, N.; Perroud, N.; Uher, R.; Butler, A.; Cohen-Woods, S.; Rivera, M.; Malki, K.; Euesden, J.; Power, R.; Tansey, K.; Jones, L.; Jones, I.; Craddock, N.; Owen, M.; Korszun, A.; Gill, M.; Mors, O.; Preisig, M.; Maier, W.; Rietschel, M.; et al.
2014Genetic, pathological and physiological determinants of transdermal fentanyl pharmacokinetics in 620 cancer patients of the EPOS studyBarratt, D.; Bandak, B.; Klepstad, P.; Dale, O.; Kaasa, S.; Christrup, L.; Tuke, J.; Somogyi, A.
2008Genetically modified mechanostats: implications for skeletal competence?Goodship, Allen Edward; Black Forest Forum for Musculoskeletal Interactions (4th : 2007 : Castle Bad Liebenzell, Germany)
1997Genistein inhibits growth of B16 melanoma cells in vivo and in vitro and promotes differentiation in vitroRecord, I.; Broadbent, J.; King, R.; Dreosti, I.; Head, R.; Tonkin, A.
2008Genome health nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics - diagnosis and nutritional treatment of genome damage on an individual basisFenech, M.
2010Genome response to tissue plasminogen activator in experimental ischemic strokeJickling, G.; Zhan, X.; Ander, B.; Turner, R.; Stamova, B.; Xu, H.; Tian, Y.; Liu, D.; Davis, R.; Lapchak, P.; Sharp, F.
1998Genotoxic lipid peroxidation products: their DNA-damaging properties and role in the formation of endogenous DNA adducts.Burcham, Philip Cyril
1997Genotoxicity of acyl glucurodine metabolites formed from clofibric acid and gemfibrozil: a novel role for phase II-mediated bioactivation in the hepatocarcinogenicity of the parent aglycones?Sallustio, B.; Harkin, L.; Mann, M.; Krivickas, S.; Burcham, P.
2020Germline heterozygous mutations in Nxf1 perturb RNA metabolism and trigger thrombocytopenia and lymphopenia in miceChappaz, S.; Law, C.; Dowling, M.; Carey, K.; Lane, R.; Ngo, L.; Wickramasinghe, V.; Smyth, G.; Ritchie, M.; Kile, B.
2013Giant basilar artery aneurysm and unexpected deathByard, R.
2009The Glass Half Empty or Half Full - How Effective Are Long-Term Intrathecal Opioids in Post-herpetic Neuralgia? A Case Series and Review of the LiteratureZacest, A.; Anderson, V.; Burchiel, K.