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1997Haemangiopericytoma presenting as recurrent intracranial haemorrhageHunn, M.; Stoodley, M.; Blumbergs, P.; Sandhu, A.; Scott, G.; Jones, N.
2006Haemolytic staining of the intima of the aortic root - A useful pathological marker of freshwater drowningByard, R.; Cains, G.; Tsokos, M.
1995Haemophilia A management in Victorian, New South Wales and South Australian haemophilia centresEkert, H.; Ekert, N. L.; Street, A. M.; Rickard, K. A.; McPherson, V. J.; Toogood, I. R. G.; Lloyd, J. V.
2010Haemosiderosis in the placenta does not appear to be related to chronic placental separation or adverse neonatal outcomeKhong, T.; Toering, T.; Erwich, J.
2003Hand and forearm musculature of the brachiating apes: with particular reference to the structure and function of the Orang Utan (Pongo pygmaeus). Implications for hominid evolution.Brennan, M.; Norris, R.; Henneberg, M.; Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Society for Human Biology (16th : 2002 : Perth, Western Australia)
2013The handling of bariatric bodiesEitzen, D.; Byard, R.
2006The Harderian gland of two species of skink (Tiliqua rugosa and Hemiergis decresiensis): a discussion of the significance of lymphatic tissue in the squamate Harderian glandRehorek, S.; Baker, J.; Hutchinson, M.; Firth, B.
2003The Harderian gland of two species of snakes: Pseudonaja textilis (Elapidae) and Thamnophis sirtalis (Colubridae)Rehorek, S.; Halpern, M.; Firth, B.; Hutchinson, M.
2007Harmonisation of the micronucleus assay in human buccal cells - a Human Micronucleus (HUMN) project ( initiative commencing in 2007Fenech, M.; Bolognesi, C.; Kirsch-Volders, M.; Bonassi, S.; Zeiger, E.; Knasmuller, S.; Holland, N.
2012Harnessing pain heterogeneity and RNA transcriptome to idenitfy blood-based pain biomarkers: a novel correlational study design and bioinformatics approach in a graded chronic construction injury modelGrace, P.; Hurley, D.; Barratt, D.; Tsykin, A.; Watkins, L.; Rolan, P.; Hutchinson, M.
1995Has changing diagnostic preference been responsible for the recent fall in incidence of sudden infant death syndrome in South Australia?Byard, R.; Beal, S.
1996Hazardous infant and early childhood sleeping environments and death scene examinationByard, R.
2000hCG core fragment is a metabolite of hCG: evidence from infusion of recombinant hCGNorman, R.; Buchholz, M.; Somogyi, A.; Amato, F.
2012Head impalement - An unusual form of suicideAustin, A.; Heath, K.; Gilbert, J.; Byard, R.
2019Health and welfare profile of Australian baby boomers who live in rented accommodation – implications for the futureTaylor, A.; Pilkington, R.; Dal Grande, E.; Kourbelis, C.; Barrie, H.
2006Health benefits of herbs and spices: the past, the present, the futureTapsell, L.; Hemphill, I.; Cobiac, L.; Patch, C.; Sullivan, D.; Fenech, M.; Roodenrys, S.; Keogh, J.; Clifton, P.; Williams, P.; Fazio, V.; Inge, K.
2002The health effects of ecstacy: a literature reviewGowing, L.; Henry-Edwards, S.; Irvine, R.; Ali, R.
1996Health in ancient societiesSteyn, M.; Henneberg, M.
2012Health risk assessment for cyanobacterial toxins in seafoodMulvenna, V.; Dale, K.; Priestly, B.; Mueller, U.; Humpage, A.; Shaw, G.; Allinson, G.; Falconer, I.
2005Health risk assessment of cyanobacterial (Blue-green Algal) toxins in drinking waterFalconer, I.; Humpage, A.