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1996Iatrogenic discitisFraser, R.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Osti, O.
2007Ibudilast (AV-411): A new class therapeutic candidate for neuropathic pain and opioid withdrawal syndromesLedeboer, A.; Hutchinson, M.; Watkins, L.; Johnson, K.
2008Ibudilast in healthy volunteers: Safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics with single and multiple dosesRolan, P.; Gibbons, J.; He, L.; Chang, E.; Jones, D.; Gross, M.; Davidson, J.; Sanftner, L.; Johnson, K.
2009Ibudilast: a review of its pharmacology, efficacy and safety in respiratory and neurological diseaseRolan, P.; Hutchinson, M.; Johnson, K.
2011Identification and characterization of functional aquaporin water channel protein from alimentary tract of whitefly, Bemisia tabaciMatthew, L.; Campbell, E.; Yool, A.; Fabrick, J.
2013Identification and functional characterization of a novel monotreme-specific antibacterial protein expressed during lactationBisana, S.; Kumar, S.; Rismiller, P.; Nicol, S.; Lefevre, C.; Nicholas, K.; Sharp, J.
2012Identification and profiling of novel a1A-adrenoceptor-CXC chemokine receptor 2 heteromerMustafa, S.; See, H.; Seeber, R.; Armstrong, S.; White, C.; Sabatino, V.; Ayoub, M.; Pfleger, K.
2009Identification and validation of suitable endogenous reference genes for gene expression studies in human peripheral bloodStamova, B.; Apperson, M.; Walker, W.; Tian, Y.; Xu, H.; Adamczy, P.; Zhan, X.; Liu, D.; Ander, B.; Liao, I.; Gregg, J.; Turner, R.; Jickling, G.; Lit, L.; Sharp, F.
1997Identification of brown fat and mechanisms for energy balance in the marsupial, Sminthopsis crassicaudataHope, P.; Pyle, D.; Daniels, C.; Chapman, I.; Horowitz, M.; Morley, J.; Trayhurn, P.; Kumaratilake, J.; Wittert, G.
2013Identification Of KLHL41 mutations implicates BTB-Kelch-Mediated Ubiquitination as an alternate pathway to myofibrillar disruption in nemaline myopathyGupta, V.; Ravenscroft, G.; Shaheen, R.; Todd, E.; Swanson, L.; Shiina, M.; Ogata, K.; Hsu, C.; Clarke, N.; Darras, B.; Farrar, M.; Hashem, A.; Manton, N.; Muntoni, F.; North, K.; Sandaradura, S.; Nishino, I.; Hayashi, Y.; Sewry, C.; Thompson, E.; et al.
2007Identification of Photosystem I and Photosystem II enriched regions of thylakoid membrane by optical microimaging of cryo-fluorescence emission spectra and of variable fluorescenceVacha, F.; Sarafis, Vassilios; Benediktyova, Z.; Bumba, L.; Valenta, J.; Vacha, M.; Sheue, Chiou-Rong; Nedbal, L.
2008The identification of submerged skeletonized remainsByard, R.; Both, K.; Simpson, E.
1996Idiopathic arterial calcification and unexpected infant deathByard, R.
2010Idiopathic inflammatory myopathies: diagnostic criteria, classification and epidemiological featuresCox, S.; Limaye, V.; Hill, C.; Blumbergs, P.; Roberts-Thomson, P.
2015"If you can have one glass of wine now and then, why are you denying that to a woman with no evidence": Knowledge and practices of health professionals concerning alcohol consumption during pregnancyCrawford-Williams, F.; Steen, M.; Esterman, A.; Fielder, A.; Mikocka-Walus, A.
2012IGF-2R-mediated signaling results in hypertrophy of cultured cardiomyocytes from fetal sheepWang, K.; Brooks, D.; Botting, K.; Morrison, J.
2016IL-18 production from the NLRP1 inflammasome prevents obesity and metabolic syndromeMurphy, A.; Kraakman, M.; Kammoun, H.; Dragoljevic, D.; Lee, M.; Lawlor, K.; Wentworth, J.; Vasanthakumar, A.; Gerlic, M.; Whitehead, L.; Dirago, L.; Cengia, L.; Lane, R.; Metcalf, D.; Vince, J.; Harrison, L.; Kallies, A.; Kile, B.; Croker, B.; Febbraio, M.; et al.
2007Iliacus stretching for symptomatic relief of femoral mononeuropathyJohnson, I.
2005Image processing of finite size rat retinal ganglion cells using multifractal and local connected fractal analysisJelinek, H.; Cornforth, D.; Roberts, A.; Landini, G.; Bourke, P.; Iorio, A.
2016Imaging ancient and mummified specimens: dual-energy CT with effective atomic number imaging of two ancient Egyptian cat mummiesBewes, J.; Morphett, A.; Pate, F.; Henneberg, M.; Low, A.; Kruse, L.; Craig, B.; Hindson, A.; Adams, E.