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2007p25α relocalizes in oligodendroglia from myelin to cytoplasmic inclusions in multiple system atrophySong, Y.; Lundvig, D.; Huang, Y.; Gai, W.; Blumbergs, P.; Hojrup, P.; Otzen, D.; Halliday, G.; Jensen, P.
2005p25α stimulates α-synuclein aggregation and is co-localized with aggregated α-synuclein in α-synucleinopathiesLindersson, E.; Lundvig, D.; Petersen, C.; Madsen, P.; Nyengaard, J.; Hojrup, P.; Moos, T.; Otzen, D.; Gai, W.; Blumbergs, P.; Jensen, P.
2014Paediatric and perinatal health abstracts at SHPA national conferences: trends in presentation and subsequent publicationGrzeskowiak, L.; Thomas, A.
1995Paediatric neoplasiaByard, R.
2004Paediatrics: tackling the common problemsCouper, R.; Henry, R.; South, M.
2000Paracetamol (acetaminophen) poinoningEddleston, Michael; Buckley, Nicholas Allan
2013Parasites: Tales of humanity's most unwelcome guests. By Rosemary Drisdelle. Pp. 258. (University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, 2010.) £19.95, ISBN 978-052-259386, hardbackHenneberg, M.
1995Parathyroid morphology of the Brush-Tail Possum, Trichosurus vulpeculaHaynes, J.
1999Parathyroids and Ultimobranchial Bodies in MonotremesHaynes, J. I.
2003Paroxetine in major depressionJureidini, J.; Tonkin, A.
2008A partial nucleated differential cell count of the bone marrow aspirate that is independent of peripheral blood dilutionLee, S.; Ho, S.; Thomas, D.; Giri, P.; Lee, H.; Sia, H.; To, L.; Sullivan, T.
2004The pathobiology of moderate diffuse traumatic brain injury as identified using a new experimental model of injury in ratsCernak, I.; Vink, R.; Zapple, D.; Cruz, M.; Ahmed, F.; Chang, T.; Fricke, S.; Faden, A.
1997Pathogenesis of tears of the anulus investigated by multiple-level transaxial analysis of the T12-L1 discVernon-Roberts, B.; Fazzalari, N.; Manthey, B.
2009Pathogenic bone loss in rheumatoid arthritis: Mechanisms and therapeutic approachesCantley, M.; Smith, M.; Haynes, D.
1997The pathologic effects of intrathecal betamethasoneLatham, J.; Fraser, R.; Moore, R.; Blumbergs, P.; Bogduk, N.
1996The pathological approach to sudden infant death - Concensus or confusion?Byard, R.; Becker, L.; Berry, P.; Campbell, P.; Fitzgerald, K.; Hilton, J.; Krous, H.; Rognum, T.
2013Pathological changes in the thyroid gland in crush asphyxiaByard, R.
2006The pathological features and circumstances of death of lethal crush/traumatic asphyxia in adults - A 25-year studyByard, R.; Wick, R.; Simpson, E.; Gilbert, J.
2014The pathological features of Wernicke encephalopathyOlds, K.; Langlois, N.; Blumbergs, P.; Byard, R.
1996Pathological findings in SIDS infants found in the supine position compared to the prone.Byard, R.; Stewart, W.; Beal, S.