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2010(R)- and (S)-methadone and buprenorphine concentration ratios in maternal and umbilical cord plasma following chronic maintenance dosing in pregnancyGordon, A.; Lopatko, O.; Somogyi, A.; Foster, D.; White, J.
2006Race differences in intelligence: An evolutionary analysisHenneberg, M.
2007Radiographic method to assess the prevalence of sacral spina bifida occultaAlbrecht, T.; Scutter, S.; Henneberg, M.
2015Radiological findings in an ancient Iranian salt mummy (Chehrābād ca. 410-350 BC)Öhrström, L.; Seiler, R.; Böni, T.; Aali, A.; Stöllner, T.; Rühli, F.
2009Radioscapholunate arthrodesis - a prospective studyBain, G.; Ondimu, P.; Hallam, P.; Ashwood, N.
2012Radioscapholunate fusionsMcGuire, D.; Bain, G.
2016Radiotherapy-induced gut toxicity: involvement of matrix metalloproteinases and the intestinal microvasculatureStansborough, R.; Al-dasooqi, N.; Bateman, E.; Keefe, D.; Gibson, R.
2012Rainfall-related population growth and adult sex ratio change in the critically endangered Raso lark (Alauda razae)Brooke, M. de L.; Flower, T. P.; Campbell, Ewan McInnes; Mainwaring, M. C.; Davies, S.; Welbergen, J. A.
2008Rainwater tank drowningByard, R.
2006Ram sperm motility after intermittent scrotal insulation evaluated by manual and computer-assisted methodsArman, C.; Quintana-Casares, P.; Sanchez-Partida, L.; Setchell, B.
2017A randomised controlled trial of losartan as an anti-fibrotic agent in non-alcoholic steatohepatitisMcPherson, S.; Wilkinson, N.; Tiniakos, D.; Wilkinson, J.; Burt, A.; McColl, E.; Stocken, D.; Steen, N.; Barnes, J.; Goudie, N.; Stewart, S.; Bury, Y.; Mann, D.; Anstee, Q.; Day, C.
2013A randomised controlled trial of sublingual buprenorphine-naloxone film versus tablets in the management of opioid dependenceLintzeris, N.; Leung, S.; Dunlop, A.; Larance, B.; White, N.; Rivas, G.; Holland, R.; Degenhardt, L.; Muhleisen, P.; Hurley, M.; Ali, R.
2006A randomised-controlled pilot study using nicotine patches with pregnant womenHotham, Elizabeth Dorothy; Gilbert, Andrew L.; Atkinson, Elinor R.
2012A randomized controlled trial of a brief intervention for illicit drugs linked to the Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) in clients recruited from primary health-care settings in four countriesHumeniuk, R.; Ali, R.; Babor, T.; Formigoni, M.; Boerngen de Lacerda, R.; Ling, W.; McRee, B.; Newcombe, D.; Pal, H.; Poznyak, V.; Simon, S.; Vendetti, J.
2009Randomized controlled trial of dexamphetamine maintenance for the treatment of methamphetamine dependenceLongo, M.; Wickes, W.; Smout, M.; Harrison, S.; Cahill, S.; White, J.
2004A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of pseudoephedrine in coryzaLatte, G.; Taverner, D.; Slobodian, P.; Shakib, S.
2014Ranibizumab and risk of hospitalisation for ischaemic stroke and myocardial infarction in patients with age-related macular degeneration: a self-controlled case-series analysisPratt, N.; Ramsay, E.; Kemp, A.; Kalisch-Ellett, L.; Shakib, S.; Caughey, G.; Ryan, P.; Graves, S.; Roughead, E.
2009Rapid optimization of a peptide inhibitor of malaria parasite invasion by comprehensive N-methyl scanningHarris, K.; Casey, J.; Coley, A.; Karas, J.; Sabo, J.; Tan, Y.; Dolezal, O.; Norton, R.; Hughes, A.; Scanlon, D.; Foley, M.
2005Rapid screening for potential cholesterol-lowering peptides using naturally derived micelle preparationKirana, Chandra; Rogers, P. F.; Bennett, Louise E.; Abeywardena, Mahinda Y.; Patten, Glen Stephen
2007Rapid stimulation of presynaptic serotonin transport by A3 adenosine receptorsZhu, C.; Steiner, J.; Munn, J.; Daws, L.; Hewlett, W.; Blakely, R.