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2003Tacrolimus measurement by microparticle enzyme immunoassay IITaylor, P.; Morris, R.
2004TADS study raises concernsJureidini, J.; Tonkin, A.; Mansfield, P.
2008Talcum powder, chronic pelvic inflammation and NSAIDs in relation to risk of epithelial ovarian cancerMerritt, M.; Green, A.; Nagle, C.; Webb, P.; Australian Cancer Study (Ovarian Cancer); Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group; Dodd, T.; Pittman, K.; Miller, J.
2015Tamoxifen metabolism predicts drug concentrations and outcome in premenopausal patients with early breast cancerSaladores, P.; Muerdter, T.; Eccles, D.; Chowbay, B.; Zgheib, N.; Winter, S.; Ganchev, B.; Eccles, B.; Gerty, S.; Tfayli, A.; Lim, J.; Yap, Y.; Ng, R.; Wong, N.; Dent, R.; Habbal, M.; Schaeffeler, E.; Eichelbaum, M.; Schroth, W.; Schwab, M.; et al.
2013Target-dependence of sensory neurons: An ultrastructural comparison of axotomised dorsal root ganglion neurons with allowed or denied reinnervation of peripheral targetsJohnson, I.; Sears, T.
2012Targeting classical but not neurogenic inflammation reduces peritumoral oedema in secondary brain tumoursLewis, K.; Harford-Wright, E.; Vink, R.; Ghabriel, M.
2018Targeting the postpartum period to promote weight loss: a systematic review and meta-analysisDodd, J.; Deussen, A.; O'Brien, C.; Schoenaker, D.; Poprzeczny, A.; Gordon, A.; Phelan, S.
2015Targeting the toll of drug abuse: the translational potential of toll-like receptor 4Bachtell, R.; Hutchinson, M.; Wang, X.; Rice, K.; Maier, S.; Watkins, L.
2015Tattoos containing useful messagesByard, R.
2013Tattoos: forensic considerationsByard, R.
2000Taxonomic implications of variation in sperm head morphology of the Australian Delicate Mouse, Pseudomys delicatulusBreed, W.
2000Teased nerve fibre studies in aged myelin-associated glycoprotein (Mag) knockout miceCai, Z.; Smith, P.; Swift, J.; Cash, K.; Turnley, A.; Finnie, J.; Thompson, P.; Blumbergs, P.; XIVth International Conference of Neurpathology (01 Sep 2000 : Birmingham, UK)
2008Technique for enhancing signal in conventional backscattering fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy of turbid mediaBuckley, Kevin; Goodship, Allen Edward; MacLeod, Neil A.; Parker, Anthony W.; Matousek, Pavel
2005Tegaserod is effective in the initial and retreatment of irritable bowel syndrome with constipationMuller-Lissner, S.; Holtmann, G.; Rueegg, P.; Weidingers, G.; Lofflers, H.
2007Temperature and humidity in egg incubation mounds of Varanus rosenbergiRismiller, P.; McKelvey, M.; Steinlechner, S.
2012Temporal changes in bone composition, architecture, and strength following estrogen deficiency in osteoporosisBrennan, O.; Kuliwaba, J.; Lee, T.; Parkinson, I.; Fazzalari, N.; McNamara, L.; O'Brien, F.
2018Temporal changes in tau phosphorylation and related kinase and phosphatases following two models of traumatic brain injuryCollins-Praino, L.; Gutschmidt, D.; Sharkey, J.; Arulsamy, A.; Corrigan, F.
2002Temporal characterisation of pro- and anti-apoptotic mechanisms following diffuse traumatic brain injury in ratsCernak, I.; Chapman, S.; Hamlin, G.; Vink, R.
2009Temporal deposition and spatial distribution of cytoskeletal proteins in the sperm head of an Australian rodentBreed, W.; Idriss, D.; Leigh, C.; Oko, R.
2006The temporal profile of edema formation differs between male and female rats following diffuse traumatic brain injuryO'Connor, C.; Cernak, I.; Vink, R.; International Symposium on Brain Edema and Tissue Injury (13th : 2005 : Ann Arbor, Mich.)