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1995Ubiquitin-positive degenerating neurites in the brainstem in Parkinson's diseaseGai, W.; Blessing, W.; Blumbergs, P.
2003UDP-glucuronosyltransferase-dependent bioactivation of clofibric acid to a DNA-damaging intermediate in mouse hepatocytesGhaoui, R.; Sallustio, B.; Burcham, P.; Fontaine, F.
2013Ultra-rapid screening for substance-use disorders: The Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST-Lite)Ali, R.; Meena, S.; Eastwood, B.; Richards, I.; Marsden, J.
2015Ultrasound simulators as aids to learning anatomyMassey-Westrop, N.; Parange, N.; Johnson, I.; Australian and New Zealand Association of Clinical Anatomists (ANZACA) 11th Annual meeting (03 Dec 2014 - 05 Dec 2014 : Queenstown, New Zealand)
2011Ultrasound-guided continuous transverse abdominis plane block for abdominal surgeryRao, V.; Field, J.
1995Ultrastructure and motility of spermatozoa in Macropodid and Potoroidid marsupialsTaggart, D.; Leigh, C.; Schultz, D.; Breed, W.
1995Ultrastructure and motility of spermatozoa in the male reproductive tract of perameloid marsupialsTaggart, D.; Leigh, C.; Breed, W.
1996Ultrastructure of Nuclear Condensation and Localization of DNA and Proteins in Spermatozoa of a Dasyurid Marsupial, Sminthopsis crassicaudataSoon, L.; Breed, W.
2012Undergraduate nursing student's attitudes towards caring for people with HIV/AIDSPickles, D.; King, L.; Belan, I.
2014Understanding and checking the assumptions of linear regression: A primer for medical researchersCasson, R.; Farmer, L.
2018Understanding mind/body medicine from Muslim religious practices of Salat and DhikrSaniotis, A.
2014Understanding the pharmacology of headacheRolan, P.
2012Underwater disaster victim identification: The process and the problemsWinskog, C.
1995Undiagnosed ponto medullary astocytoma: A history of speech pathology systemsWarms, T.; Ruszkiewicz, A.; Opeskin, K.
1995Unexpected infant death in association with suspended rocking cradlesMoore, L.; Bourne, A.; Beal, S.; Collett, M.; Byard, R.
2004Unexpected infant death: lessons from the Sally Clark caseByard, R.
2002Unexpected infant death: Occult cardiac disease and sudden infant death syndrome - how much of an overlap is there?Byard, R.
2009Unfaithful neurotransmitter transporters: focus on serotonin updake and implications for antidepressant efficacyDaws, L.
2008Unique characteristics at autopsy that may be useful in identifying human remainsSimpson, E.; Byard, R.
2010United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime International Network of Drug Dependence Treatment and Rehabilitation Resource Centres: TreatnetTomas-Rossello, J.; Rawson, R.; Zarza, M.; Bellows, A.; Busse, A.; Saenz, E.; Freese, T.; Shawkey, M.; Carise, D.; Ali, R.; Ling, W.