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2020Pharmacotherapies for cannabis use disorders: Clinical challenges and promising therapeutic agentsNielsen, S.; Sabioni, P.; Gowing, L.; Le Foll, B.; Nadar, M.A.; Hurd, Y.L.
2020Integrating spectrophotometric and XRD analyses in the investigation of burned dental remainsRahmat, R.A.-A.R.; Humphries, M.; Austin, J.J.; Linacre, A.; Raven, M.; Self, P.
2023Evaluation of Uptake of COVID-19 Temporary Allied Health Services for Residential Aged Care in AustraliaCaughey, G.E.; Collier, L.; Cations, M.; Wesselingh, S.; Inacio, M.C.
2020The Requirements of Developing Countries' Health Systems Facing with COVID-19: A Case Study of IranGhanbarzadegan, A.; Bastani, P.; Emadi, F.; Mohammmadpour, M.; Pourmohammadi, K.; Javanmardi, S.; World Congress on Public Health (12 Oct 2020 - 17 Oct 2020 : virtual online)
2023A first-in-class pan-lysyl oxidase inhibitor impairs stromal remodeling and enhances gemcitabine response and survival in pancreatic cancerChitty, J.L.; Yam, M.; Perryman, L.; Parker, A.L.; Skhinas, J.N.; Setargew, Y.F.I.; Mok, E.T.Y.; Tran, E.; Grant, R.D.; Latham, S.L.; Pereira, B.A.; Ritchie, S.C.; Murphy, K.J.; Trpceski, M.; Findlay, A.D.; Melenec, P.; Filipe, E.C.; Nadalini, A.; Velayuthar, S.; Major, G.; et al.
2021Emerging benefits and drawbacks of α₂-adrenoceptor agonists in the management of sepsis and critical illnessLankadeva, Y.R.; Shehabi, Y.; Deane, A.M.; Plummer, M.P.; Bellomo, R.; May, C.N.
2021CB2 cannabinoid receptor agonist selectively inhibits the mechanosensitivity of mucosal afferents in the guinea pig bladderChristie, S.; Zagorodnyuk, V.
2020Inclusion of older people reflective of real-world clinical practice in cardiovascular drug trialsCaughey, G.E.; Inacio, M.C.; Bell, J.S.; Vitry, A.I.; Shakib, S.
2021Endocannabinoids in bladder sensory mechanisms in health and diseasesChristie, S.; Brookes, S.; Zagorodnyuk, V.
2023Radiotherapy exposure directly damages the uterus and causes pregnancy lossGriffiths, M.J.; Marshall, S.A.; Cousins, F.L.; Alesi, L.R.; Higgins, J.; Giridharan, S.; Sarma, U.C.; Menkhorst, E.; Zhou, W.; Care, A.S.; Donoghue, J.F.; Holdsworth-Carson, S.J.; Rogers, P.A.W.; Dimitriadis, E.; Gargett, C.E.; Robertson, S.A.; Winship, A.L.; Hutt, K.J.