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2006Hydralazine inhibits rapid acrolein-induced protein oligomerization: Role of aldehyde scavenging and adduct trapping in cross-link blocking and cytoprotectionBurcham, P.; Pyke, S.
2007Molecular evolution of the carboxy terminal region of the zona pellucida 3 glycoprotein in murine rodentsSwann, C.; Cooper, S.; Breed, W.
2008Osteal tissue macrophages are intercalated throughout human and mouse bone lining tissues and regulate osteoblast function in vitro and in vivoChang, M.; Raggatt, L.; Alexander, K.; Kuliwaba, J.; Fazzalari, N.; Schroder, K.; Maylin, E.; Ripoll, V.; Hume, D.; Pettit, A.
2009Implications of high dietary zinc and intestinal metallothionein on the severity of methotrexate-induced mucositisCoyle, P.; Rofe, A.
1997Identification of brown fat and mechanisms for energy balance in the marsupial, Sminthopsis crassicaudataHope, P.; Pyle, D.; Daniels, C.; Chapman, I.; Horowitz, M.; Morley, J.; Trayhurn, P.; Kumaratilake, J.; Wittert, G.
2002Altered zinc homeostasis and caspase-3 activity in murine allergic airway inflammationTruongTran, A.; Ruffin, R.; Foster, P.; Koskinen, A.; Coyle, P.; Philcox, J.; Rofe, A.; Zalewski, P.
2004Protein adduct-trapping by hydrazinophthalazine drugs: Mechanisms of cytoprotection against acrolein-mediated toxicityBurcham, P.; Fontaine, F.; Kaminskas, L.; Petersen, D.; Pyke, S.
2023Radiotherapy exposure directly damages the uterus and causes pregnancy lossGriffiths, M.J.; Marshall, S.A.; Cousins, F.L.; Alesi, L.R.; Higgins, J.; Giridharan, S.; Sarma, U.C.; Menkhorst, E.; Zhou, W.; Care, A.S.; Donoghue, J.F.; Holdsworth-Carson, S.J.; Rogers, P.A.W.; Dimitriadis, E.; Gargett, C.E.; Robertson, S.A.; Winship, A.L.; Hutt, K.J.
2006Cloning and characterization of osteoclast precursors from the raw264.7 cell lineCuetara, B.; Crotti, T.; O'Donoghue, A.; McHugh, K.
2007A novel promoter regulates calcitonin receptor gene expression in human osteoclastsShen, Z.; Crotti, T.; Flannery, M.; Matsuzaki, K.; Goldring, S.; McHugh, K.