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2019Sharing #home on InstagramBarbour, K.; Heise, L.
2019History, truth and (mis)representation in Versailles (2015-2018)McCann, B.
2019Early theories of sense perception: Greek originsBaltussen, J.
2019An odyssey through time: Nicolas Baudin’s long haulFornasiero, F.
2018Autofiction and the law: legal scandals in contemporary French literatureEdwards, N.
2018The importance of equilibrium in Thomas Dekker’s A Worke For Armourers (1609)Bailey, M.
2018Academic persona: the construction of online reputation in the modern academyMarshall, P.; Barbour, K.; Moore, C.
2018ImaginationMcMahon, J.
2018Linguistic Rencontres in Kim Thúy’s MãnEdwards, N.
2018Celebrity chefs, consumption politics and food labelling: Exploring the contradictionsPhillipov, M.; Gale, F.
2018Christopher Marlowe's 'Golden World': Ekphrasis and Sidney's Apology in Part 1 of Tamburlaine the GreatPotter, L.
2018Weighing reasonsCullity, G.
2018Emotion and secrecy in Australian asylum-seeker comics: The politics of visual styleHumphrey, A.
2018“You’ll never forget what your camera remembers”: image-things and changing times in Capital Art Studio, Zanzibar’Samuelson, M.
2018Qiu Miaojin: the bittersweetJose, R.
2018Introduction: From pleasures to principlesMcMahon, J.
2018Social Aesthetics and Moral Judgment: Pleasure, Reflection and AccountabilityMcMahon, J.
2018The Dao of translation: an East–West dialogue, by Douglas Robinson, London and New York, Routledge, 2015Jose, N.
2018Concern, respect, and cooperationCullity, G.
2018BeetrootJose, R.