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2018Weighing reasonsCullity, G.
2018Rape, revenge and resurrection in Correr's ProgneClarke, J.
2018Emotion and secrecy in Australian asylum-seeker comics: The politics of visual styleHumphrey, A.
2018“You’ll never forget what your camera remembers”: image-things and changing times in Capital Art Studio, Zanzibar’Samuelson, M.
2018BeetrootJose, R.
2018Food/media: eating, cooking, and provisioning in a digital worldLewis, T.; Phillipov, M.
2018Qiu Miaojin: the bittersweetJose, R.
2018Introduction: From pleasures to principlesMcMahon, J.
2018Social Aesthetics and Moral Judgment: Pleasure, Reflection and AccountabilityMcMahon, J.
2018The Dao of translation: an East–West dialogue, by Douglas Robinson, London and New York, Routledge, 2015Jose, N.
2018Concern, respect, and cooperationCullity, G.
2017A hitch-hiker's guide to Aboriginal language retrieval and revivalGale, M.
2017Language learning, language use and the evolution of linguistic variationSmith, K.; Perfors, A.; Fehér, O.; Samara, A.; Swoboda, K.; Wonnacott, E.
2017Narrow Structuralism: Paving a Middle Path Between Cummins and MillikanNestor, M.
2017“In the Metaphysical Streets of the Physical Town”: place and the ordinary in Stevens’s “An Ordinary Evening in New Haven”Madden, B.
2017The sound of William Barnes's dialect poems: 2. Poems of rural life in the Dorset dialect, second collection (1859)Burton, T.
2017The sound of William Barnes's dialect poems: 3. Poems of rural life in the Dorset dialect, third collection (1862)Burton, T.
2017Ekphrasis as ‘Event’: Poets Paint Words and the ‘Performance’ of Ekphrasis in AustraliaSymes, D.
2017Wolfe Creek meteorite crater — Indigenous science queers Western scienceMuecke, S.
2017Media preferences, low trust and seasonal adjustment: Communicating climate change adaptation to vulnerable, low socioeconomic groups in AdelaidePalmer, R.; Bowd, K.; Griffiths, M.