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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003M/C: a journal of media and culture / Fight, 2003; 6 (1)Burgess, Jean; McEntee, Joy Susan; Nelms, Emma
2003Mabuza, LindiweDriver, D.
2009Mad scientists or unreliable autobiographers? Dopamine dysregulation and delusionGerrans, P.
2013Madame Bovary: IntroductionCoetzee, J.
2009MaestroGoldsworthy, P.
2007Magic and the supernatural in fourth-century SyriaSitzler, S.
1999Magic Realism and Selfhood in Robert Graves' The ShoutKenny, V.
2013Magnificent obsessions: honouring the lives of Hazel RowleyLloyd, R.; Fornasiero, F.
2003Mahjar : a novelHornung, E.
2000Make-up, mirrors, and men: Some early Byzantine glass from Syro-PalestineO'Hea, M.
2015Making intellectual room for Persona Studies: a new consciousness and a shifted perspectiveMarshall, P.D.; Barbour, K.
2014The making of Barbara BayntonMoore, R.
2001The Making of Local Legend : Accounts of the Australian Maria MassacreNettelbeck, A.
2005Making oneself foreignCastro, B.
2016Making publics, making placesGriffiths, M.; Barbour, K.
2016Making publics, making placesGriffiths, M.; Barbour, K.
2002Making Sense. A Theory of Interpretation. By Paul Thom. Rowman & Littlefield. Lanham. 2000.McMahon, J.
2013Malaysia's internet governance dilemmaGriffiths, O.; Chinnasamy, S.
1995Mallarmé à la lumière du Parnasse, Special Number: Studies in memory of Lloyd AustinHambly, P.
2011Mallarmé devant ses contemporains 1875-1899Hambly, P.