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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997P-Consciousness Presentation/A-Consciousness RepresentationGamble, Denise D.
2003Pacific Pidgins and CreolesMühlhäusler, P.
2018Painful memoriesGerrans, P.
2000Pamela Hergenhan: recent paintings 1999Shapcott, T.
2002Paradoxes inside and outside languageMortensen, C.
2001Pardon and revenge in Suetonius and the Historia AugustaNewbold, R.
2002Pardon and revenge in Tacitus and AmmianusNewbold, R.
2007"Parnassus slope" : C.J. Dennis's first years in VictoriaButterss, P.
1995Parsifal': A personal memoirCoghlan, B. L. D.
2007Participation and Power in an EFL Classroom in Taiwan: Who's Talking First?Yu, S.; Mickan, P.
2002Particularism and presumptive reasonsCullity, G.
2010Parts of usShapcott, T.
2013The passion for origins in the epic poems of Édouard GlissantPoiana, P.
2015Passivity experience in schizophreniaGerrans, P.
1996Pastiche et parodie chez MallarméHambly, P.
2007The “pastoral” in virtual space: A tale of two systems, and how e-learning practitioners remake themGriffiths, O.; Griffiths, M.
2016Paternal responsibility and bad conscience in adaptations of The ShiningMcEntee, J.
2014Pathologies of hyperfamiliarity in dreams, delusions and déjà vuGerrans, P.
1999The patriarchy of class: Under the Greenwood Tree, Far from the Madding Crowd, The WoodlandersBoumelha, P.
2013Patrick White, The Hanging GardenCoetzee, J.