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2019Emotional lineages: blood, property, family and affection in early modern ScotlandBarclay, K.
2019Popular divorceBarclay, K.
2019Couple beggarsBarclay, K.
2018Foreign policy, ideas and state-building: India and the politics of international interventionChacko, P.
2018The rise and return of the Indo-Pacific: oceans, seas and civilisational linkagesDoyle, T.
2018Comparing same-sex marriage in Australia and Canada: institutions and political willJohnson, C.; Tremblay, M.
2018A capitalising foreign policy: Regulatory geographies and transnationalised state projectsChacko, P.; Jayasuriya, K.
2018Material feminism and epigenetics: a ‘critical window for engagement’?Warin, M.; Hammarström, A.
2018The Australian Right in the “Asian Century”: Inequality and the Implications for Social DemocracyJohnson, C.
2018Why would we believe them? Meat consumers’ reactions to online farm animal welfare activism in AustraliaBuddle, E.A.; Bray, H.J.; Ankeny, R.A.
2018Australian social democracy: capitalist constraints and the challenges of equalityJohnson, C.
2018Australian art exhibitions: opening our eyesMendelssohn, J.; De Lorenzo, C.; Inglis, A.; Speck, C.
2018Salutary lessons: nativepolice and the ‘civilising’ role of legalised violence in Colonial AustraliaNettelbeck, A.; Ryan, L.
2018“More symbolic—more political—than substantive”: an interview with James R. Clapper on the U.S. Designation of Foreign Terrorist OrganizationsLegrand, T.
2018Creating the Aboriginal vagrant: protective governance and indigenous mobility in colonial AustraliaNettelbeck, A.
2018Governance, public policy and boundary-makingFawcett, P.; Legrand, T.; Lewis, J.; O'Sullivan, S.
2018The ideological context: election 2016Johnson, C.
2018The Australian Assistance Plan and the Canadian connection: Origins and legaciesOppenheimer, M.; Collins, C.; Eklund, E.
2018Collaborating with the enemy? A view from Down Under on GM research partnershipsAnkeny, R.A.; Bray, H.J.; McKinley, K.A.
2018From confession to declaration: changing narratives of parricide in eighteenth-century ScotlandBarclay, K.