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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Women in eighteenth-century Scotland: intimate, intellectual and public livesBarclay, K.; Simonton, D.
2007Women workers and labour standards: the problem of 'human rights'Elias, J.
2009Women workers in the global economy: A feminist critique of the core labour standardsElias, Juanita Marie; Stevenson, Hayley Louise
2001Women's Electoral LobbyBacchi, C.
2006Women's interests and political orientations: the gender voting gap in three industrialized settingsHill, L.
2001The Women's Movement, Politics and Citizenship from the late Nineteenth Century until 1918Holton, Sandra Monica Janet
2004Women's property, popular cultures and the consistory court of London in the eighteenth centuryLemmings, D.
2015Women, gender and feminism in the Australian Journal of Political Science: A reviewJohnson, C.
2018Women, love and power in Enlightenment ScotlandBarclay, K.; Carr, R.
1999Women, Policy and Politics: The Construction of Policy ProblemsBacchi, C.
2009Women, resistance and the politics of daily life in Hitler's Europe: The case of Yugoslavia in a comparative perspectiveDrapac, V.
2014Women’s liberation was a movement, not an organisationMagarey, S.
2003The wonder of the African market: post -colonial inflectionsAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh
2013'Working Together' for peace and prosperity of Southeast Asia, 1945-1968: the birth of the ASEAN wayShimada, K.
2006World government and empire: the international historian as theoristHall, Christopher Ian
2005The World is All that is Not the CaseNorth, I.
2005The world is all that is not the caseSpeck, Catherine Margaret
2006Wormy logic: model organisms as case-based reasoningAnkeny, Rachel Allyson
2007Wormy logic: model organisms as case-based reasoningAnkeny, R.
2004Wright, Sir Robert (c.1549-1608x10), tutorHammer, Paul Edward Johnston