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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The British committee on the Theory of International Politics (1954-1985): The rediscovery of historyHall, Christopher Ian
1996British decision-making 1917: Lloyd George, Sir Douglas Haig and the Passchendaele CampaignWilson, T.; Prior, R.
2002British diplomats and diplomacy, 1688-1800Muir, R.
2000British elections & parties reviewMacintyre, C.
1998British freewomen: national identity, constitutionalism and languages of race in early suffragist historiesHolton, S. S.
2009British international thinkers from Hobbes to NamierHall, I.; Hill, L.
1998British perceptions of "Savage Europe" and the invention of YugoslaviaDrapac, V.
2006The British working class and enthusiasm for war, 1914 – 1916 and Defending Albion: Britain's home army, 1908-1919 and Healing the nation: soldiers and the culture of caregiving in Britain during the Great WarWilson, T.
1996Broadening the political agenda: Towards socialist democracy in AustraliaJohnson, C.
1995The Broken YearsGammage, William L.
2010Building citizens: Empire, Asia and the Australian settlementJayasuriya, K.
2012Building Indian Ocean regionalisms: an agenda for IORG researchDoyle, T.
2013The building of typicality as food pattern (Italy, XIVth and XVIth centuries)Prosperi, L.
2004Bulstrode, Edward (c.1588–1659), judgePrest, W.
2000Bureaucratic and political corruption in Africa: The public choice perspectiveLyons, Tanya Julie
2001Burgeoning transnationalism of Taiwan's social movement NGOsChen, Jie
2004Burnet, Sir Thomas (1694–1753), judgeLemmings, D.
2014Business associations and the politics of contained participation in VietnamNguyen, T.
2000Business at law: retrieving commercial disputes from eighteenth-century ChanceryChurches, Christine Mai
1995Business power and the politics of industrial relations reformMcEachern, Doug N.