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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Imag(in)ing People With AIDS: Art as Activism in the Age of AIDSSendziuk, P.
1998Images of God: Civil Religion and Australia at War, 1939-1945Massam, K.; Smith, J. H.
2004Images of ourselves - Justice and the war on terrorismBurke, Anthony D.
2011Images of the interior: seven Central Australian photographersJones, P.
2015Impolite reading and erotic interiors in eighteenth-century FranceDowney, G.; Taylor, M.
2009Improving the feedback mechanism and student learning through a self-assessment activitySendziuk, P.; Australian Technology Network Assessment Conference (2009 : Melbourne, Australia)
2001In Fear of Security: Australia's Invasion AnxietyBurke, Anthony D.
2013In spite of colonisation: Yhonnie ScarceSlade, L.
2019In the wake of the supermarket ‘milk wars’: media, farmers and the power of pastoral sentimentalityPhillipov, M.; Loyer, J.
2012Inclusivist egalitarian liberalism and temporary Migration: a dilemmaOttonelli, V.; Torresi, T.
2005An inconvenient obsession: Ian North, Canberra Suite and Canberra Coda 1980-81Speck, C.
2015"Incorporating gender equality: tensions and synergies in the relationship between feminism and Australian social democracy"Johnson, C.
2005Increasing diversity at the cost of decreasing equity? Issues raised by the establishment of Australia's first religiously affiliated medical schoolKerridge, I.; Ankeny, R.; Jordens, C.; Lipworth, W.; Bower, A.
2011Increasing turnout using compulsory votingHill, L.
2011Indenture, Grand Narratives and Fragmented Histories: The Dutch East Indies, c.1880-1940Knight, G.
2008Independents and Minor PartiesStock, J.; Democracy in South Australia (08 Mar 2007 : Adelaide)
2016India and the Indo-Pacific from Singh to Modi: geopolitical and geoeconomic entanglementsChacko, P.
2013India and the Indo-Pacific in New Delhi’s BRICS calculusChacko, P.; Kornegay, F.A.; Bohler-Muller, N.; Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA)
2004India's 1999 elections and 20th century politicsMayer, P.
2013India's ambivalent Anglosphere identity and the politics of international uranium salesDavis, A.; Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference (2013 : Perth, W.A.)