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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Dam disputes in Australia and India: Appreciating differences in struggles for sustainable developmentDoyle, T.
2014Dam-Nation: the struggle over the future of the Brazilian AmazonCao, B.
2008Dame Roma Mitchell's unmentionables: Sex, politics and religionMagarey, S.
2014Dangerous ideas: Women's liberation - Women's studies - Around the worldMagarey, S.
2004Danvers, Sir Charles (c.1568-1601), soldier and conspiratorHammer, Paul Edward Johnston
2009The dark side of enlightenment: The London journal, moral panics and the law in the Eighteenth CenturyLemmings, D.
2006Darren Siwes: Mum, I want to be brownSpeck, Catherine Margaret
2018Davide Torsello, ed., Corruption in Public Administration: An Ethnographic Approach (Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 2016). 258 pp. $110.79 (hardcover), ISBN: 9811785362583Graycar, A.
2004Dealing drugs with the BushAnkeny, R.
2001Dealing with 'Difference': Beyond 'Multiple Subjectivities'Bacchi, C.
2020Death by a thousand cuts: recognizing, reporting, and responding to corruption in local governmentYates, A.; Graycar, A.
2005The Death of the Past, by J. H. Plumb.Corcoran, P.
2016Death, emotion and childhood in premodern EuropeBarclay, K.; Reynolds, K.; Rawnsley, C.
2006Debating England's aristocracy in the 1790s: Pamphlets, polemics and political ideasPrest, W.
2005Decline of the public: The hollowing-out of citizenshipCorcoran, P.
2016The decolonial option: toward an ethic of Self-SecuringChacko, P.
2011Deconstructing 'Aboriginal Welfare Dependency': Using Postcolonial Theory to Reorientate Indigenous AffairsGordon, Zoe Claire
2012Dedicated art: three paintings by Huang BinhongRoberts, C.
2007A defence of the South Australian Legislative CouncilBastoni, J.; Australasian Political Studies Association Conference (2007 : Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)
2008Defying the odds: combining memory and historyCunningham, M.