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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Naming and Shaming: The Baudin Expedition and the Politics of Nomenclature in the Terres AustralesFornasiero, F.; West-Sooby, J.
2006Nanotechnologies and corporate criminal liabilityWells, C.; Elias, J.
2017Narrative, law and emotion: husband killers in early nineteenth-century IrelandBarclay, K.
2013Narratives of 'terminal sedation', and the importance of the intention-foresight distinction in palliative care practiceDouglas, C.; Kerridge, I.; Ankeny, R.
2000Narratives of Colonialism: Sugar, Java and the DutchKnight, G.
2017Narratives of feeling and majesty: mediated emotions in the eighteenth-century criminal courtroomMilka, A.; Lemmings, D.
2005Narratives of identity: Denying empathy in conservative discourses on race, class, and sexualityJohnson, C.
2000National and imperial identity: A triptych of Baltic Germans in Inner AsiaPatrikeeff, F.; Perkins, J.
1996National Heroes, Not National Villains: South Australia and the Atomic AgeO'Neil, B.
2001National Identity Formation in the Baltic Provinces of the Russian Empire: The Skerst Family in the Nineteenth and Twentieth CenturiesPerkins, J.; Patrikeeff, F.
1999National Reputations for Drinking in Traditional EuropeMartin, Austin Lynn
2015Natural affection, children, and family inheritance practices in the long eighteenth centuryBarclay, K.
2017Natural affection, the patriarchal family and the "strict settlement" debate: a response from the history of emotionsBarclay, K.
2001The natural history of Caenorhabditis Elegans researchAnkeny, R.
2017The natural/neglected relationship: liberalism, identity and India-Australia relationsChacko, P.; Davis, A.
2016‘Naturally fearful’: emotion, race and French-Papuan Encounters, 1818–30Starbuck, N.
2001Negotiating Difference: Debatable FeminismBeasley, C.
2017Negotiating independence: manliness and begging letters in late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century ScotlandBarclay, K.
2012Negotiating justice in the new public sphere: crime, the courts and the press in early eighteenth-century BritainLemmings, D.
2008Negotiating patriarchy: the marriage of Anna Potts and Archibald Grant of Monymusk, 1731-1744Barclay, K.