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200913C-sucrose breath test: Novel use of a noninvasive biomarker of environmental gut healthRitchie, B.; Brewster, D.; Davidson, G.; Tran, C.; McNeil, Y.; Hawkes, J.; Butler, R.
200513C-Urea breath test: Reproducibility and association with the severity of Helicobacter pylori-associated antral gastritisMatthews, G.; Cummins, A.; Lawrence, A.; Johnson, B.; Campbell, F.; Butler, R.
20092-DE with IPGsGorg, A.; Drews, O.; Luck, C.; Weiland, F.; Weiss, W.
1997The 25-Hydroxyvitamin D 24-HydroxylaseOmdahl, John L.; May, B.
200725-Hydroxyvitamin D requirement for maintaining skeletal health utilising a Sprague-Dawley rat modelAnderson, P.; Sawyer, A.; May, B.; O'Loughlin, P.; Morris, H.
2003-308 Nco I polymorphism of tumour necrosis factor a in overweight caucasiansCoates, A.; Heilbronn, L.; Noakes, M.; Kind, K.; Clifton, P.
2000360His polymorphism of the apolipoproteinA-IV gene and plasma lipid response to energy restricted diets in overweight subjectsHeilbronn, L.; Noakes, M.; Coates, A.; Kind, K.; Clifton, P.
20125-Benzylidenerhodanine and 5-benzylidene-2-4-thiazolidinedione based antibacterialsZvarec, O.; Polyak, S.; Tieu, W.; Kuan, K.; Dai, H.; Pedersen, D.; Morona, R.; Zhang, L.; Booker, G.; Abell, A.
20225-Fluorouracil Induces an Acute Reduction in Neurogenesis and Persistent Neuroinflammation in a Mouse Model of the Neuropsychological Complications of ChemotherapySubramaniam, C.B.; Wardill, H.R.; Davies, M.R.; Heng, V.; Gladman, M.A.; Bowen, J.M.
2006A 'bright zone' in male hoverfly (Eristalis tenax) eyes and associated faster motion detection and increased contrast sensitivityStraw, A.; Warrant, E.; O'Carroll, D.
2004A 1.4-Mb interval RH map of horse chromosome 17 provides detailed comparison with human and mouse homologuesLee, E.; Raudsepp, T.; Kata, S.; Adelson, D.; Womack, J.; Skow, L.; Chowdhary, B.
2006A 2.5-Mb contig constructed from Angus Longhorn and horned Hereford DNA spanning the polled interval on bovine chromosome 1Wunderlich, K.; Abbey, C.; Clayton, D.; Song, Y.; Schein, J.; Georges, M.; Coppieters, W.; Adelson, D.; Taylor, J.; Davis, S.; Gill, C.
2009A behavioural, neurochemical and proteomic analysis after treatment with MDMA and methamphetamineJaehne, E.; Colella, A.; Hoffmann, P.; Irvine, R.J.; MDMA Conference (11 Sep 2008 - 13 Sep 2008 : Melbourne, Australia)
2018A biolistic method for high-throughput production of transgenic wheat plants with single gene insertionsIsmagul, A.; Yang, N.; Maltseva, E.; Iskakova, G.; Mazonka, I.; Skiba, Y.; Bi, H.; Eliby, S.; Jatayev, S.; Shavrukov, Y.; Borisjuk, N.; Langridge, P.
2013A chemokine-like viral protein enhances alpha interferon production by plasmacytoid dendritic cells but delays CD8⁺ T cell activation and impairs viral clearanceWikstrom, M.; Fleming, P.; Comerford, I.; McColl, S.; Andoniou, C.; Degli-Esposti, M.
2007A childhood epilepsy mutation reveals a role for developmentally regulated splicing of a sodium channelXu, R.; Thomas, E.; Jenkins, M.; Gazina, E.; Chiu, C.; Heron, S.; Mulley, J.; Scheffer, I.; Berkovic, S.; Petrou, S.
2007A chromosome inversion near the KIT gene and the Tobiano spotting pattern in horsesBrooks, S.; Lear, T.; Adelson, D.; Bailey, E.
2012A Combination of Local Inflammation and Central Memory T Cells Potentiates Immunotherapy in the SkinFiorenza, S.; Kenna, T.; Comerford, I.; McColl, S.; Steptoe, R.; Leggatt, G.; Frazer, I.
2012A combined free flow electrophoresis and DIGE approach to compare proteins in complex biological samplesFung, K.Y.C.; Cursaro, C.; Lewanowitsch, T.; Cosgrove, L.; Hoffmann, P.; Kurien, B.J.; Scofield, R.H.
2011A combined free-flow electrophoresis and DIGE approach to identify proteins regulated by butyrate in HT29 cellsFung, K.; Cursaro, V.; Lewanowitsch, T.; Brierley, G.; McColl, S.; Lockett, T.; Head, R.; Hoffmann, P.; Cosgrove, L.