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1983Effect of sterol structure on the physical-properties and function of plasma-membranes from yeastBOTTEMA, C.; PARKS, L.
1982Quantitation of Clostridium botulinum organisms and toxin in the feces of an infant with botulismPaton, J.; Lawrence, A.; Manson, J.
1983Quantities of Clostridium botulinum organisms and toxin in feces and presence of Clostridium botulinum toxin in the serum of an infant with botulismPaton, J.; Lawrence, A.; Steven, I.
1983Effect of immunization with pneumolysin on survival time of mice challenged with Streptococcus pneumoniaePaton, J.; Lock, R.; Hansman, D.
1983Inhibition of human polymorphonuclear leukocyte respiratory burst, bactericidal activity, and migration by pneumolysinPaton, J.; Ferrante, A.
1986Experience with hepatitis B vaccineBurrell, C.J.
1986Renal transplantation and hepatitis B viral (HBV) replicationFock, K.M.; Burrell, C.J.; Mathew, T.; Russ, G.; Disney, A.; Lawon, M.J.; Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Society for Medical Research (15 Dec 1985 - 18 Dec 1985 : Canberra, ACT)
1986Control of gene expression in the P2-related template coliphagesKalionis, B.; Dodd, I.B.; Egan, J.B.
1986Pneumococcal carriage and type-specific antibody: failure of a 14-valent vaccine to reduce carriage in healthy childrenDouglas, R.M.; Hansman, D.; Miles, H.B.; Paton, J.C.
1983Antibody response of young children to pneumococcal vaccinationDouglas, R.M.; Paton, J.C.; Miles, H.; Duncan, S.J.; Hansman, D.; Combined Meeting of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia and the New Zealand Society of Pathologists (Aug 1982 - Aug 1982 : Dunedin, New Zealand)