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2004Induction of cholestasis in the perfused rat liver by 2-aminoethyl diphenylborate, an inhibitor of the hepatocyte plasma membrane Ca2+ channelsGregory, Roland Bruce; Hughes, Rachael; Barritt, Gregory John
2004Between-days reliability of H-reflexes in human flexor carpi radialisJaberzadeh, Shapour; Scutter, Sheila Doreen; Warden-Flood, A.; Nazeran, H.
2003Vector priming reduces the immunogenicity of Salmonella-based vaccines in Nramp1+/+ miceVindurampulle, C. J.; Attridge, Stephen Richard
2004Presence of transient helical segments in the galanin-like peptide evident from 1H NMR, circular dichroism, and prediction studiesDastmalchi, Siavoush; Church, W. Bret; Morris, Michael Bradley; Iismaa, Tiina P.; Mackay, Joel P.
2003Surpression of genioglossus muscle tone and activity during reflex hypercapnic stimulation by GABAA mechanisms at the hypoglossal motor nucleus in vivoLiu, X.; Sood, S.; Liu, H.; Nolan, P.; Morrison, Janna Leigh; Horner, R. L.
2003Protease expression in the supernatant of Chinese Hamster Ovary cells grown in serum-free cultureElliott, Peter James; Hohmann, A.; Spanos, J.
2004An evaluation of case-based teaching: evidence for continuing benefit and realization of aimsHudson, J. N.; Buckley, P. M.
2003Role of inhibitory amino acids in control of hypoglossal motor outflow to genioglossus muscle in naturally sleeping ratsMorrison, Janna Leigh; Sood, Sandeep; Liu, Hattie; Park, Eileen; Liu, Xia; Nolan, Philip; Horner, Richard L.
2003GABAA receptor antagonsim at the hypoglossal motor nucleus increases genioglossus muscle activity in NREM but not REM sleepMorrison, Janna Leigh; Sood, Sandeep; Liu, Hattie; Park, Eileen; Nolan, Philip; Horner, Richard L.
2003Impact of vector priming on the immunogenicity of recombinant Salmonella vaccinesVindurampulle, Christofer John; Attridge, Stephen Richard