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2020Genome-wide analysis of diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella L., from Brassica crops and wild host plants reveals no genetic structure in AustraliaPerry, K.; Keller, M.A.; Baxter, S.
2020Personal digital health hubs for multiple conditionsChehade, M.J.; Yadav, L.; Jayatilaka, A.; Gill, T.K.; Palmer, E.
2020Recurrent Motion Neural Network for Low Resolution Drone DetectionPratt, H.; Evans, B.; Rowntree, T.; Reid, I.; Wiederman, S.; Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA) (29 Nov 2020 - 2 Dec 2020 : virtual online)
2023The effectiveness of anti-inflammatory agents in reducing chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment in preclinical models – a systematic reviewHaller, O.J.; Semendric, I.; George, R.P.; Collins-Praino, L.E.; Whittaker, A.L.
2020Olorinab, a peripherally acting, highly selective, full agonist of the cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2), reduces visceral hypersensitivity in miceCastro, J.; Maddern, J.; Garcia-Caraballo, S.; Schober, G.; Lindstrom, B.; Schmiel, S.; Brierley, S.M.; 4th Meeting of the Federation of Neurogastroenterology and Motility (FNM) (25 Mar 2020 - 28 Mar 2020 : Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, Australia)
2022Descending pain modulation of colorectal nociceptive processing in the spinal cord is imbalanced in a mouse model of post-colitis chronic visceral hypersensitivity and is reduced by chronic oral linaclotide treatmentHarrington, A.; Schober, G.; Maddern, J.; Wang, Q.; Hannig, G.; Brierley, S.; Digestive Disease Week (DDW) (21 May 2022 - 24 May 2022 : San Diego, CA)
2022Colorectal nociceptive processing in the caudal ventrolateral medulla and the lateral parabrachial nuclei is increased in a mouse model of chronic visceral hypersensitivity and is reversed by chronic linaclotide treatmentHarrington, A.; Wang, Q.; Hannig, G.; Brierley, S.; Digestive Disease Week (DDW) (21 May 2022 - 24 May 2022 : San Diego, CA)
2020The biomechanical role of the chondrocranium and the material properties of cartilageJones, M.E.H.; Gröning, F.; Aspden, R.M.; Dutel, H.; Sharp, A.; Moazen, M.; Fagan, M.J.; Evans, S.E.
2021Antibiotic-induced depletion of gut microbiota reduces injury area and duration of radiation-induced oral mucositis in ratsAl-Qadami, G.; Verma, G.; Van Sebille, Y.; Le, H.; Hewson, I.; Bowen, J.; MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting (24 Jun 2021 - 26 Jun 2021 : virtual online)
2023Prediction of Multiple Types of RNA Modifications via Biological Language ModelZhang, Y.; Ge, F.; Li, F.; Yang, X.; Song, J.; Yu, D.-J.