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2002The human complement regulator factor H binds pneumococcal surface protein PspC via short consensus repeats 13 to 15Duthy, T.; Ormsby, R.; Giannakis, E.; Ogunniyi, A.; Stroeher, U.; Paton, J.; Gordon, D.
2006Novel DNA binding by a basic helix-loop-helix protein - The role of the dioxin receptor PAS domainChapman-Smith, A.; Whitelaw, M.
1997Genomic structure and complete nucleotide sequence of the Batten Disease Gene, CLN3Mitchison, H.; Munroe, P.; O'Rawe, A.; Taschner, P.; De Vos, N.; Kremmidiotis, G.; Lensink, I.; Munk, A.; D'Arigo, K.; Anderson, J.; Lerner, T.; Moyzis, R.; Callen, D.; Breuning, M.; Doggett, N.; Gardiner, R.; Mole, S.
1998Sequence analysis of the mip gene of the soilborne pathogen Legionella longbeachae.Doyle, R.; Steele, T.; McLennan, A.; Parkinson, I.; Manning, P.; Heuzenroeder, M.
1996A molecular and evolutionary study of the β-globin gene family of the Australian marsupial Sminthopsis CrassicaudataCooper, S.; Murphy, R.; Dolman, G.; Hussey, D.; Hope, R.
1999Molecular systematics of the parasitic protozoan Giardia intestinalis.Monis, P.; Andrews, R.; Mayrhofer, G.; Ey, P.
2008Conservation of small RNA pathways in platypusMurchison, E.; Kheradpour, P.; Sachidanandam, R.; Smith, C.; Hodges, E.; Xuan, Z.; Kellis, M.; Grutzner, F.; Stark, A.; Hannon, G.
2003Molecular characterization and analysis of the acrB gene of Aspergillus nidulans: A gene identified by genetic interaction as a component of the regulatory network that includes the CreB deubiquitination enzymeBoase, N.; Lockington, R.; Adams, J.; Rodbourn, L.; Kelly, J.
2003Hepatocyte turnover during resolution of a transient hepadnaviral infectionSummers, J.; Jilbert, A.; Yang, W.; Aldrich, C.; Saputelli, J.; Litwin, S.; Toll, E.; Mason, W.
1996Cloning, sequencing and expression of rat liver pyruvate carboxylaseJitrapakdee, S.; Booker, G.; Cassady, A.; Wallace, J.