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2002A highly efficient method for long-chain cDNA synthesis using trehalose and betaineSpiess, A.; Ivell, R.
2003Intraadrenal adrenocorticotropin production in a case of bilateral macronodular adrenal hyperplasia causing Cushing's syndromeLefebvre, H.; Duparc, C.; Chartrel, N.; Jegou, S.; Pellerin, A.; Laquerriere, A.; Ivell, R.; Vaudry, H.; Kuhn, J.
2009Biology of insulin-like factor 3 in human reproductionIvell, R.; Anand Ivell, R.
2007Insulin-like peptide 3 in leydig cellsIvell, R.; Bathgate, R.
2011Relaxin family peptides in the male reproductive system - a critical appraisalIvell, R.; Kotula-Balak, M.; Glynn, D.; Heng, K.; Anand Ivell, R.
2007Insulin-like factor 3 levels in cord blood and serum from children: Effects of age postnatal hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis activation and cryptorchidismBay, K.; Virtanen, H.; Hartung, S.; Ivell, R.; Main, K.; Skakkebaek, N.; Andersson, A.; Toppari, J.
2007Kruppel-like factor 4 expression in normal and pathological human testesBehr, R.; Deller, C.; Godmann, M.; Muller, T.; Bergmann, M.; Ivell, R.; Steger, K.
2013Brief maternal exposure of rats to the xenobiotics dibutyl phthalate or diethylstilbestrol alters adult-type Leydig cell development in male offspringIvell, R.; Heng, K.; Nicholson, H.; Anand Ivell, R.
2007Lifestyle impact and the biology of the human scrotumIvell, R.
2007A new paradigm for profiling testicular gene expression during normal and disturbed human spermatogenesisFeig, C.; Kirchhoff, C.; Ivell, R.; Naether, O.; Schulze, W.; Spiess, A.