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1997Headaches and neck pain in farmersScutter, Sheila Doreen; Turker, Kemal Sitki; Hall, Robert
1997Oral delivery of foreign antigens by attenuated Salmonella: consequences of prior exposure to the vector strainAttridge, Stephen Richard; Davies, D.; LaBrooy, Justin T.
1997Vibrio cholerae serotype 0139: swapping genes for surface polysaccharide biosynthesisStroeher, Uwe Horst; Manning, Paul Alexander
1997Introduction of precise alterations into the mouse genome with high efficiency by stable tag-exchange gene targeting: implications for gene targeting in ES cellsWhyatt, L.; Rathjen, Peter David
1997Outer membrane translocation arrest of the TcpA pilin subunit in rfb mutants of Vibrio cholerae O1 strain 569BIredell, J. R.; Manning, Paul Alexander
1997Photoperiodic history and hypothalamic control of prolactin secretion before birthHoughton, Daniel Charles; Young, Ian Ross; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1997Surfactant regulates pulmonary fluid balance in reptilesOrgeig, Sandra; Smits, Allan W.; Daniels, Christopher Brian; Herman, J. K.
1997Isolation and characterisation of X chromosome-derived DNA sequences from a dioecious plant Melandrium albumBuzek, Jiri; Koutnikova, Hana; Houben, Andreas; Riha, Karel; Janousek, Bohuslav; Siroky, Jiri; Grant, Sarah; Vyskot, Boris
1997Self-incompatibility in the grasses: evolutionary relationship of the S gene from Phalaris coerulescens to homologous sequences in other grassesLi, Xun; Paech, Nicholas Adam; Nield, Jan; Hayman, David; Langridge, Peter
1997Identification of additional genes required for O-antigen biosynthesis in Vibrio cholerae O1Fallarino, Angelo; Mavrangelos, Chris; Stroeher, Uwe Horst; Manning, Paul Alexander