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1997Effects of dihydrotestosterone on bone biochemical markers in sham and oophorectomized ratsMason, R.; Morris, H.
1997Genetic analysis of Giardia from hoofed farm animals reveals artiodactyl-specific and potentially zoonotic genotypesEy, P.; Mansouri, M.; Kulda, J.; Nohynkova, E.; Monis, P.; Andrews, R.; Mayrhofer, G.
1997Imaginal tissues of Drosophila melanogaster exhibit different modes of cell proliferation controlKylsten, P.; Saint, R.
1997Spitz and wingless, emanating from distinct borders, cooperate to establish cell fate across the engrailed domain in the drosophila epidermisO'Keefe, L.; Dougan, S.; Gabay, L.; Raz, E.; Shilo, B.Z.; DiNardo, S.
1997Evolution of Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) Function: Production and Characterization of Recombinant Hagfish IGFUpton, Z.; Francis, G.; Chan, S.; Steiner, D.; Wallace, J.; Ballard, F.
1997Hepatic prolactin receptor gene expression increases in the sheep fetus before birth and after cortisol infusionPhillips, I.; Anthony, R.; Butler, T.; Ross, J.; McMillen, I.
1997Cortisol differentially regulates pituitary-adrenal function in the sheep fetus after disconnection of the hypothalamus and pituitaryRoss, J.; Phillips, I.; Owens, J.; McMillen, I.
1997AZT blocks down-regulation of IL-2 and IFN-γ gene expression in HIV acutely infected cellsFan, J.; Li, P.; Kok, T.; Burrell, C.
1997Enhancement or inhibition of HIV-1 replication by intracellular expression of sense or antisense RNA targetted at different intermediates of reverse transcription.Peng, H.; Callison, D.; Li, P.; Burrell, C.
1997Increased recruitment of hematopoietic progenitor cells underlies the ex vivo expansion potential of FLT3 ligandHaylock, D.; Horsfall, M.; Dowse, T.; Ramshaw, T.; Niutta, S.; Protopsaltis, S.; Peng, L.; Burrell, C.; Rappold, I.; Buhring, H.; Simmons, P.