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1999Effects of menopause and hormone replacement therapy on plasma lipids, lipoproteins and LDL-receptor activityAbbey, Mavis; Owen, Alice; Suzakawa, M.; Roach, Paul D.; Nestel, Paul J.
1996Cdc45p assembles into a complex with Cdc46p/Mcm5p, is required for minichromosome maintenance, and is essential for chromosomal DNA replicationHopwood, Blair; Dalton, Stephen
1999Human Germ Cell Tumor Cell Lines Express Novel Leukemia Inhibitory Factor Transcripts Encoding Differentially Localized ProteinsVoyle, Roger Bruce; Haines, Bryan Peter; Pera, Martin F.; Forrest, Regan; Rathjen, Peter David
1998The use of oriC-dependent phage infection to characterize the ultra violet (UV) -induced inhibition of initiation of DNA replication in Escherichia coliCoates, N. J.; Dibbens, J. A.; Moffatt, K. G.; Egan, John Barry
1995Cell cycle regulated transcription of the CLB2 gene is dependent on MCMI and a ternay complex factorMaher, M.; Cong, F.; Kindelberger, D.; Nasmyth, K.; Dalton, Stephen
1995Trophic effects of myeloid leukaemia inhibitory factor (LIF) on mouse embryosLavranos, Tina C.; Rathjen, Peter David; Seamark, Robert F.
1995The yeast tribrid systemOsborne, M. A.; Dalton, Stephen; Kochar, J.
1998Giardia intestinalis: Conservation of the Variant-Specific Surface Protein VSP417-1 (TSA417) and Identification of a Divergent Homologue Encoded at a Duplicated Locus in Genetic Group II Isolates.Ey, Peter L. Chilton; Darby, Jocelyn Margaret
1996Vibrio cholerae Hcp: a secreted protein coregulated with hlyAWilliam, S. G.; Varcoe, L. T.; Attridge, Stephen Richard; Manning, Paul Alexander
1998A functional homolog of Escherichia coli NhaR in Vibrio cholerae.Williams, S. G.; Carmel-Harel, O.; Manning, Paul Alexander