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2011Contribution of serotype and genetic background to virulence of serotype 3 and serogroup 11 pneumococcal isolatesMcAllister, L.; Ogunniyi, A.; Stroeher, U.; Leach, A.; Paton, J.
2013Regulation of pneumococcal surface proteins and capsuleOgunniyi, A.; Paton, J.
2011A variable region within the genome of Streptococcus pneumoniae contributes to strain-strain variation in virulenceHarvey, R.; Stroeher, U.; Ogunniyi, A.; Smith-Vaughan, H.; Leach, A.; Paton, J.
2010Central role of manganese in regulation of stress responses, physiology, and metabolism in Streptococcus pneumoniaeOgunniyi, A.; Mahdi, L.; Jennings, M.; McEwan, A.; McDevitt, C.; Van der Hoek, M.; Bagley, C.; Hoffmann, P.; Gould, K.; Paton, J.
2015CCR2 defines in vivo development and homing of IL-23-driven GM-CSF-producing Th17 cellsKara, E.; McKenzie, D.; Bastow, C.; Gregor, C.; Fenix, K.; Ogunniyi, A.; Paton, J.; Mack, M.; Pombal, D.; Seillet, C.; Dubois, B.; Liston, A.; Macdonald, K.; Belz, G.; Smyth, M.; Hill, G.; Comerford, I.; McColl, S.
2015Characterization of pneumococcal genes involved in bloodstream invasion in a mouse modelMahdi, L.; Van der Hoek, M.; Ebrahimie, E.; Paton, J.; Ogunniyi, A.
2017The pneumococcal alpha-glycerophosphate oxidase enhances nasopharyngeal colonization through binding to host glycoconjugatesMahdi, L.; Higgins, M.; Day, C.; Tiralongo, J.; Hartley-Tassell, L.; Jennings, M.; Gordon, D.; Paton, A.; Paton, J.; Ogunniyi, A.
2017Enhanced protective responses to a serotype-independent pneumococcal vaccine when combined with an inactivated influenza vaccineBabb, R.; Chen, A.; Ogunniyi, A.; Hirst, T.; Kara, E.; McColl, S.; Alsharifi, M.; Paton, J.
2016Intranasal vaccination with γ -irradiated Streptococcus pneumoniae whole-cell vaccine provides serotype-independent protection mediated by B-cells and innate IL-17 responsesBabb, R.; Chen, A.; Hirst, T.; Kara, E.; McColl, S.; Ogunniyi, A.; Paton, J.; Alsharifi, M.
2015Delayed reconstitution of B cell immunity to pneumococcus in HIV-infected Malawian children on antiretroviral therapyIwajomo, O.; Moons, P.; Nkhata, R.; Mzinza, D.; Ogunniyi, A.; Williams, N.; Heyderman, R.; Finn, A.