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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Evaluation of mTOR-regulated mRNA translationIadevaia, V.; Wang, X.; Yao, Z.; Foster, L.; Proud, C.
2012Vanishing white matter: the next 10 yearsProud, C.
2012Insights into the regulation of eukaryotic elongation factor 2 kinase and the interplay between its domainsPigott, C.; Mikolajek, H.; Moore, C.; Finn, S.; Phippen, C.; Werner, J.; Proud, C.
2014Control of the translational machinery by amino acidsProud, C.
2013Rapamycin enhances eIF4E phosphorylation by activating MAP kinase-interacting kinase 2a (Mnk2a)Stead, R.; Proud, C.
2015Mnks, eIF4E phosphorylation and cancerProud, C.
2017Direct and indirect activation of eukaryotic elongation factor 2 kinase by AMP-activated protein kinaseJohanns, M.; Pyr dit Ruys, S.; Houddane, A.; Vertommen, D.; Herinckx, G.; Hue, L.; Proud, C.; Rider, M.
2017Mycobacterium tuberculosis subverts negative regulatory pathways in human macrophages to drive immunopathologyBrace, P.; Tezera, L.; Bielecka, M.; Mellows, T.; Garay, D.; Tian, S.; Rand, L.; Green, J.; Jogai, S.; Steele, A.; Millar, T.; Sanchez-Elsner, T.; Friedland, J.; Proud, C.; Elkington, P.
2014Ribosomal stress activates eEF2K-eEF2 pathway causing translation elongation inhibition and recruitment of Terminal Oligopyrimidine (TOP) mRNAs on polysomesGismondi, A.; Caldarola, S.; Lisi, G.; Juli, G.; Chellini, L.; Iadevaia, V.; Proud, C.; Loreni, F.
2015ABC50 mutants modify translation start codon selectionStewart, J.; Cowan, J.; Perry, L.; Coldwell, M.; Proud, C.