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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010In the beginning: Generating neural crest cell diversityRuhrberg, C.; Schwarz, Q.
2010The evolutionary history of testicular externalization and the origin of the scrotumKleisner, K.; Ivell, R.; Flegr, J.
2010Wide-field motion tuning in nocturnal hawkmothsTheobald, J.; Warrant, E.; O'Carroll, D.
2010L-proline induces differentiation of ES cells: A novel role for an amino acid in the regulation of pluripotent cells in cultureWashington, J.; Rathjen, J.; Felquer, F.; Lonic, A.; Bettess, M.; Hamra, N.; Semendric, L.; Tan, B.; Lake, J.; Keough, R.; Morris, M.; Rathjen, P.
2010Molecular genetics of the developing neuroendocrine hypothalamusSzarek, E.; Cheah, P.; Schwartz, J.; Thomas, P.
2010Response to BMP4 signalling during ES cell differentiation defines intermediates of the ectoderm lineageHarvey, N.; Hughes, J.; Lonic, A.; Yap, C.; Long, C.; Rathjen, P.; Rathjen, J.
2010Riluzole protects against cardiac ischaemia and reperfusion damage via block of the persistent sodium currentWeiss, S.; Benoist, D.; White, E.; Teng, W.; Saint, D.
2010The SMN interactome includes Myb-binding protein 1aFuller, H.; Nguyen, T.; Lam, L.; Thanh, L.; Keough, R.; Asperger, A.; Gonda, T.; Morris, G.
2010Effects of whole body vibration on strength and functional mobility in multiple sclerosisWunderer, Kirsten; Schabrun, Siobhan May; Chipchase, Lucinda S.
2010Cytokinesis proteins Tum and Pav have a nuclear role in Wnt regulationJones, W.; Chao, A.; Zavortink, M.; Saint, R.; Bejsovec, A.