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2016Conditional knockout mice demonstrate function of Klf5 as a myeloid transcription factorShahrin, N.; Diakiw, S.; Dent, L.; Brown, A.; D'Andrea, R.
2016International Consensus (ICON): allergic reactions to vaccinesDreskin, S.; Halsey, N.; Kelso, J.; Wood, R.; Hummell, D.; Edwards, K.; Caubet, J.; Engler, R.; Gold, M.; Ponvert, C.; Demoly, P.; Sanchez-Borges, M.; Muraro, A.; Li, J.; Rottem, M.; Rosenwasser, L.
2016Autophagy regulates the survival of cells with chromosomal instabilityLiu, D.; Shaukat, Z.; Xu, T.; Denton, D.; Saint, R.; Gregory, S.
2016Tuberculosis control in Jiangsu province, ChinaYan, L.; Limei, Z.; Chen, C.; Wei, L.; Booker, G.W.; Hao, Y.; Polyak, S.W.
2016The enemy within: innate surveillance-mediated cell death, the common mechanism of neurodegenerative diseaseRichards, R.; Robertson, S.; O'Keefe, L.; Fornarino, D.; Scott, A.; Lardelli, M.; Baune, B.
2016Ribosomal stalk protein silencing partially corrects the ΔF508-CFTR functional expression defectVeit, G.; Oliver, K.; Apaja, P.; Perdomo, D.; Bidaud-Meynard, A.; Lin, S.; Guo, J.; Icyuz, M.; Sorscher, E.; Hartman IV, J.; Lukacs, G.
2016Effect of acute exercise-induced fatigue on maximal rate of heart rate increase during submaximal cyclingThomson, R.; Rogers, D.; Howe, P.; Buckley, J.
2016Low dose resveratrol improves cerebrovascular function in type 2 diabetes mellitusWong, R.; Nealon, R.; Scholey, A.; Howe, P.
2016Acute resveratrol consumption improves neurovascular coupling capacity in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitusWong, R.H.; Raederstorff, D.; Howe, P.R.
2016The variable region of pneumococcal pathogenicity island 1 is responsible for unusually high virulence of a serotype 1 isolateHarvey, R.; Trappetti, C.; Mahdi, L.; Wang, H.; McAllister, L.; Scalvini, A.; Paton, A.; Paton, J.