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2016The key position: influence of staple location on constrained peptide conformation and bindingKeeling, K.; Cho, O.; Scanlon, D.; Booker, G.; Abell, A.; Wegener, K.
2016Merozoite antigens of plasmodium falciparum elicit strain-transcending opsonizing immunityHill, D.; Wilson, D.; Sampaio, N.; Eriksson, E.; Ryg-Cornejo, V.; Abby Harrison, G.; Uboldi, A.; Robinson, L.; Beeson, J.; Siba, P.; Cowman, A.; Hansen, D.; Mueller, I.; Schofielda, L.
2016Reduction in sphingosine kinase 1 influences the susceptibility to dengue virus infection by altering antiviral responsesClarke, J.; Davies, L.; Calvert, J.; Gliddon, B.; Al Shujari, W.; Aloia, A.; Helbig, K.; Beard, M.; Pitson, S.; Carr, J.
2016Comparative characterization of Shiga toxin type 2 and subtilase cytotoxin effects on human renal epithelial and endothelial cells grown in monolayer and bilayer conditionsÁlvarez, R.; Sacerdoti, F.; Jancic, C.; Paton, A.; Paton, J.; Ibarra, C.; Amaral, M.
2016Automated determination of size and morphology information from soot transmission electron microscope (TEM) generated imagesWang, C.; Chan, Q.; Zhang, R.; Kook, S.; Hawkes, E.; Yeoh, G.; Medwell, P.
2016Evolutionary novelty in a butterfly wing pattern through enhancer shufflingWallbank, R.; Baxter, S.; Pardo-Diaz, C.; Hanly, J.; Martin, S.; Mallet, J.; Dasmahapatra, K.; Salazar, C.; Joron, M.; Nadeau, N.; McMillan, W.; Jiggins, C.
2016Major improvements to the Heliconius melpomene genome assembly used to confirm 10 chromosome fusion events in 6 million years of butterfly evolutionDavey, J.; Chouteau, M.; Barker, S.; Maroja, L.; Baxter, S.; Simpson, F.; Merrill, R.; Joron, M.; Mallet, J.; Dasmahapatra, K.; Jiggins, C.
2016Introducing BASE: the Biomes of Australian Soil Environments soil microbial diversity databaseBissett, A.; Fitzgerald, A.; Meintjes, T.; Mele, P.; Reith, F.; Dennis, P.; Breed, M.; Brown, B.; Brown, M.; Brugger, J.; Byrne, M.; Caddy-Retalic, S.; Carmody, B.; Coates, D.; Correa, C.; Ferrari, B.
2016Diversity of arsenite oxidase gene and arsenotrophic bacteria in arsenic affected Bangladesh soilsSanyal, S.; Mou, T.; Chakrabarty, R.; Hoque, S.; Hossain, M.; Sultana, M.
2016International evaluation of MIC distributions and epidemiological cutoff value (ECV) definitions for Fusarium species identified by molecular methods for the CLSI broth microdilution methodEspinel-Ingroff, A.; Colombo, A.; Cordoba, S.; Dufresne, P.; Fuller, J.; Ghannoum, M.; Gonzalez, G.; Guarro, J.; Kidd, S.; Meis, J.; Melhem, T.; Pelaez, T.; Pfaller, M.; Szeszs, M.; Takahaschi, J.; Tortorano, A.; Wiederhold, N.; Turnidge, J.