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2016Endothelial denudation of isolated human internal mammary artery segmentsLamin, V.; Worthington, M.; Edwards, J.; Viana, F.; Stuklis, R.; Wilson, D.; Beltrame, J.
2018Using complexity and network concepts to inform healthcare knowledge translationKitson, A.; Brook, A.; Harvey, G.; Jordan, Z.; Marshall, R.; O'Shea, R.; Wilson, D.
2016Health research, teaching and provision of care: Applying a new approach based on complex systems and a knowledge translation complexity network modelBrook, A.; Liversidge, H.; Wilson, D.; Jordan, Z.; Harvey, G.; Marshall, R.; Kitson, A.; New Forest Conference on Complex Systems 2016 (01 Jun 2016 - 03 Jun 2016 : New Forest, UK)
2015Integrated genomic and transcriptomic analysis of human brain metastases identifies alterations of potential clinical significanceSaunus, J.; Quinn, M.; Patch, A.; Pearson, J.; Bailey, P.; Nones, K.; McCart Reed, A.; Miller, D.; Wilson, P.; Al-Ejeh, F.; Mariasegaram, M.; Lau, Q.; Withers, T.; Jeffree, R.; Reid, L.; Da Silva, L.; Matsika, A.; Niland, C.; Cummings, M.; Bruxner, T.; et al.
2019Genome-wide association analysis of 95 549 individuals identifies novel loci and genes influencing optic disc morphologyHan, X.; Qassim, A.; An, J.; Marshall, H.; Zhou, T.; Ong, J.-.S.; Hassall, M.M.; Hysi, P.G.; Foster, P.J.; Khaw, P.T.; Mackey, D.A.; Gharahkhani, P.; Khawaja, A.P.; Hewitt, A.W.; Craig, J.E.; MacGregor, S.
2014Hypoxia alters expression of Zebrafish Microtubule-associated protein Tau (mapta, maptb) gene transcriptsMoussavi Nik, S.; Newman, M.; Ganesan, S.; Chen, M.; Martins, R.; Verdile, G.; Lardelli, M.
2018The Factor Inhibiting HIF asparaginyl hydroxylase regulates oxidative metabolism and accelerates metabolic adaptation to hypoxiaSim, J.; Cowburn, A.; Palazon, A.; Madhu, B.; Tyrakis, P.; Macias, D.; Bargiela, D.; Pietsch, S.; Gralla, M.; Evans, C.; Kittipassorn, T.; Chey, Y.; Branco, C.; Rundqvist, H.; Peet, D.; Johnson, R.
2018How much is left in your "sleep tank"? Proof of concept for a simple model for sleep history feedbackDorrian, J.; Hursh, S.; Waggoner, L.; Grant, C.; Pajcin, M.; Gupta, C.; Coates, A.; Kennaway, D.; Wittert, G.; Heilbronn, L.; Vedova, C.; Banks, S.
2017Gene Ontology-based analysis of zebrafish’ omics data using the web tool Comparative Gene OntologyEbrahimie, E.; Fruzangohar, M.; Moussavi Nik, S.; Newman, M.
2010Gene expression analysis reveals HOX gene upregulation in trisomy 8 AMLKok, C.; Brown, A.; Ekert, P.; D'Andrea, R.