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2011A combined free-flow electrophoresis and DIGE approach to identify proteins regulated by butyrate in HT29 cellsFung, K.; Cursaro, V.; Lewanowitsch, T.; Brierley, G.; McColl, S.; Lockett, T.; Head, R.; Hoffmann, P.; Cosgrove, L.
2019Alternative splicing in a presenilin 2 variant associated with Alzheimer diseaseBraggin, J.; Bucks, S.; Course, M.; Smith, C.; Sopher, B.; Osnis, L.; Shuey, K.; Domoto-Reilly, K.; Caso, C.; Kinoshita, C.; Scherpelz, K.; Cross, C.; Grabowski, T.; Nik, S.H.; Newman, M.; Garden, G.; Leverenz, J.; Tsuang, D.; Latimer, C.; Gonzalez-Cuyar, L.; et al.
2019Brain transcriptome analysis of a familial Alzheimer's disease-like mutation in the zebrafish presenilin 1 gene implies effects on energy productionNewman, M.; Hin, N.; Pederson, S.; Lardelli, M.
2018BAK/BAX macropores facilitate mitochondrial herniation and mtDNA efflux during apoptosisMcArthur, K.; Whitehead, L.; Heddleston, J.; Li, L.; Padman, B.; Oorschot, V.; Geoghegan, N.; Chappaz, S.; Davidson, S.; Chin, H.; Lane, R.; Dramicanin, M.; Saunders, T.; Sugiana, C.; Lessene, R.; Osellame, L.; Chew, T.; Dewson, G.; Lazarou, M.; Ramm, G.; et al.
2019Dietary micronutrient supplementation for 12 days in obese male mice restores sperm oxidative stressMc Pherson, N.; Shehahed, H.; Fullston, T.; Zander-Fox, D.; Lane, M.
2019Dietary zinc and the control of Streptococcus pneumoniae infectionEijkelkamp, B.A.; Morey, J.R.; Neville, S.L.; Tan, A.; Pederick, V.G.; Cole, N.; Singh, P.P.; Ong, C.-.L.Y.; Gonzalez de Vega, R.; Clases, D.; Cunningham, B.A.; Hughes, C.E.; Comerford, I.; Brazel, E.B.; Whittall, J.J.; Plumptre, C.D.; McColl, S.R.; Paton, J.C.; McEwan, A.G.; Doble, P.A.; et al.
2019Critical limb ischemia: current and novel therapeutic strategiesHassanshahi, M.; Khabbazi, S.; Peymanfar, Y.; Hassanshahi, A.; Hosseini-Khah, Z.; Su, Y.; Xian, C.
2013Acute lymphoblastic leukaemiaInaba, H.; Greaves, M.; Mullighan, C.G.
2017CRLF2-positive B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia in adult patients : a single-institution experienceKonoplev, S.; Lu, X.; Konopleva, M.; Jain, N.; Ouyang, J.; Goswami, M.; Roberts, K.; Valentine, M.; Mullighan, C.; Bueso-Ramos, C.; Zweidler-McKay, P.; Jorgensen, J.; Wang, S.
2019Biogeochemical gold cycling selects metal-resistant bacteria that promote gold particle transformationSanyal, S.; Jeremiah, S.; Frank, R.