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2002Mutations in the human ortholog of Aristaless cause X-linked mental retardation and epilepsyStromme, P.; Mangelsdorf, M.; Shaw, M.; Lower, K.; Lewis, S.; Bruyere, H.; Lutcherath, V.; Gedeon, A.; Wallace, R.; Scheffer, I.; Turner, G.; Partington, M.; Frints, S.; Fryns, J.; Sutherland, G.; Mulley, J.; Gecz, J.
2010A focal Eeilepsy and intellectual disability syndrome is due to a mutation in TBC1D24Bahlo, M.; Jolly, L.; Afawi, Z.; Gardner, A.; Oliver, K.; Tan, S.; Coffey, A.; Mulley, J.; Dibbens, L.; Simri, W.; Shalata, A.; Kivity, S.; Jackson, G.; Berkovic, S.; Gecz, J.; Corbett, M.
2003X-linked mild non-syndromic mental retardation with neuropsychiatric problems and the missense mutation A365E in PAK3Gedeon, A.; Nelson, J.; Gecz, J.; Mulley, J.
2001The molecular basis of X-linked spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia tardaGedeon, A.; Tiller, G.; Le Merrer, M.; Heuertz, S.; Tranebjaerg, L.; Chitayat, D.; Robertson, S.; Glass, I.; Savarirayan, R.; Cole, W.; Rimoin, D.; Kousseff, B.; Ohashi, H.; Zabel, B.; Munnich, A.; Gecz, J.; Mulley, J.
2002X-linked myoclonic epilepsy with spasticity and intellectual disability - Mutation in the homeobox gene ARXScheffer, I.; Wallace, R.; Phillips, F.; Hewson, P.; Reardon, K.; Parasivam, G.; Stromme, P.; Berkovic, S.; Gecz, J.; Mulley, J.
2000Genes for cognitive function: Developments on the XGecz, J.; Mulley, J.
2007Fragile X Syndrome and other causes of X-Linked mental handicapSutherland, G.; Gecz, J.; Mulley, J.
1999Identification of the gene (SEDL) causing X-linked spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia tardaGedeon, A.; Colley, A.; Jamieson, R.; Thompson, E.; Rogers, J.; Sillence, D.; Tiller, G.; Mulley, J.; Gecz, J.
1996Identification of the gene FMR2, associated with FRAXE mental retardationGecz, J.; Gedeon, A.; Sutherland, G.; Mulley, J.
1999Fibroblast growth factor homologous factor 2 (FHF2): gene structure, expression and mapping to the Börjeson-Forssman-Lehmann syndrome region in Xq26 delineated by a duplication breakpoint in a BFLS-like patientGecz, J.; Baker, E.; Donnelly, A.; Ming, J.; McDonald-McGinn, D.; Spinner, N.; Zackai, E.; Sutherland, G.; Mulley, J.