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1996Diverging signal transduction pathways activated by interleukin 8 and related chemokines in human neutrophils II: IL-8 and Groa differentially stimulate calium influx through IL-8 receptors A & BDamaj, B.; McColl, S.; Neote, K.; Hebert, C.; Naccache, P.
1999Contrasting roles for RANTES and macrophage inflammatory protein-1α (MIP-1α) in a murine model of allergic peritonitisDas, A.; Ajuebor, M.; Flower, R.; Perretti, M.; McColl, S.
1996Identification of G-protein binding sites of the human interleukin-8 receptors by functional mapping of the intracellular loopsDamaj, B.; McColl, S.; Neote, K.; Songqing, N.; Ogborn, K.; Hebert, C.; Naccache, P.
1998Mono-sodium urate microsrystals induce the expression of prostaglandin G/H synthase-2 (COX-2) in human monocytesPouliot, M.; James, M.; McColl, S.; Naccache, P.; Cleland, L.
1999Chemokines: extracellular messengers for all occasions?Gale, L.; McColl, S.
1997Calcium mobilization assaysMcColl, S.; Naccache, P.
1997The synthesis of leukotrienes by the human neutrophilBorgeat, P.; Krump, E.; Palmantier, R.; Picard, S.; Dallaire, N.; McDonald, P.; Pouliot, M.; Surette, M.; McColl, S.
1999Crystal-induced arthropathiesMcColl, S.; Naccache, P.
1998Introduction of Acute Inflammation In Vivo by Staphylococcal Superantigens 1: Leukocyte Recruitment Occurs Independently of T lymphocytes and Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II MoleculesDiener, K.; Tessier, P.; John, F.; Kontgen, F.; McColl, S.
1996Physical association of Gi₂α with Interleukin-8 receptorsDamaj, B.; McColl, S.; Mahana, W.; Crouch, M.; Naccache, P.