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1996Cdc45p assembles into a complex with Cdc46p/Mcm5p, is required for minichromosome maintenance, and is essential for chromosomal DNA replicationHopwood, Blair; Dalton, Stephen
1996Vibrio cholerae Hcp: a secreted protein coregulated with hlyAWilliam, S. G.; Varcoe, L. T.; Attridge, Stephen Richard; Manning, Paul Alexander
1996The toxin-coregulated pilus is a colonization factor and protective antigen of Vibrio cholerae El TorVoss, E.; Manning, Paul Alexander; Attridge, Stephen Richard
1996Effect of multiplicity of infection on Listeria monocytogenes pathogenicity for HeLa and Caco-2 cell linesFrancis, Matthew S.; Thomas, Connor J.
1996Comparison of genetic groups determined by molecular and immunological analyses of Giardia isolated from animals and humans in Switzerland and AustraliaEy, Peter L. Chilton; Bruderer, T.; Wehrli, P.; Kohler, P.
1996Phosphorylation of MCM4 by cdc2 protein kinase inhibits the activity of the minichromosome maintenance complexHendrickson, M.; Madine, M.; Dalton, Stephen; Gautier, J.
1996Tn5 induced Xenorhabdus bovienii lecthinase mutants demonstrate reduced virulence for Galleria mellonella larvaePinyon, R. A.; Linedale, E. C.; Webster, M. A.; Thomas, Connor J.
1996The influence of temperature, phylogeny and lung structure on the composition of reptilian pulmonary surfactantDaniels, Christopher Brian; Orgeig, Sandra; Smits, Allan W.; Miller, J. D.
1996Correlated changes in the firing rate of human motor units during voluntary contractionTurker, Kemal Sitki; Schmied, A.; Cheng, H. B.
1996Relative significance of mannose-sensitive hemagglutinin and toxin-coregulated pili in colonization by Vibrio cholerae El TorAttridge, Stephen Richard; Manning, Paul Alexander; Holmgren, Jan; Jonson, G.