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1998Differential effects of increasing gestational age and placental restriction on tyrosine hydroxylase, phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase, and proenkephalin A mRNA levels in the fetal sheep adrenalAdams, Michael Brenton; Phillips, Ian D.; Simonetta, G.; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1998Conservation of surfactant protein a: evidence for a single origin for vertebrate pulmonary surfactantSullivan, Lucy C.; Daniels, Christopher Brian; Phillips, Ian D.; Orgeig, Sandra; Whitsett, Jeffrey A.
1998Recruitment stability in masseter motor units during isometric voluntary contractionsScutter, Sheila Doreen; Turker, Kemal Sitki
1998The use of oriC-dependent phage infection to characterize the ultra violet (UV) -induced inhibition of initiation of DNA replication in Escherichia coliCoates, N. J.; Dibbens, J. A.; Moffatt, K. G.; Egan, John Barry
1998Giardia intestinalis: Conservation of the Variant-Specific Surface Protein VSP417-1 (TSA417) and Identification of a Divergent Homologue Encoded at a Duplicated Locus in Genetic Group II Isolates.Ey, Peter L. Chilton; Darby, Jocelyn Margaret
1998A functional homolog of Escherichia coli NhaR in Vibrio cholerae.Williams, S. G.; Carmel-Harel, O.; Manning, Paul Alexander
1998Vibrio choleraeManning, Paul Alexander
1998The role of lipids in pulmonary surfactantVeldhuizen, Ruud; Nag, Kaushik; Orgeig, Sandra; Possmayer, Fred
1998Characterization of axenic isolates of Giardia intestinalis established from humans and animals in Germany.Karanis, Panagiotis; Ey, Peter L. Chilton
1998Embryonic globins of the marsupial the Tammar Wallaby (Macropus Eugenii): bird like and mammal like.Holland, Robert A.; Gooley, Andrew A.; Hope, Rory M.