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1997Physical localization of rRNA genes by two-colour fluorescent in-situ hybridization and sequence analysis of the 5s rRNA gene in Phalaris coerulescensLi, Xinmin; Guo, Rongqing; Pedersen, Carsten; Hayman, David; Langridge, Peter
1997Effect of muscle glycogen availability on maximal exercise performanceHargreaves, Mark Ian; Finn, J. Paul; Withers, Robert T.; Halbert, Julie A.; Scroop, Garry Campbell; Mackay, Malcolm; Snow, Rodney J.; Carey, Michael F.
1997Nucleotide sequence of the murine leukaemia virus amphotropic strain 4070A integrase (IN) coding region and comparative structural analysis of the inferred polypeptideEy, Peter L. Chilton; Freeman, N. L.; Pela, B.; Li, P.; McInnes, J. I.
1997Detection of circulating tumor cells using immunobead-PCRHardingham, Jennifer E.
1997Translocation failure in a type-4 pilin operon: rfb and tcpT mutants in Vibrio choleraeIredell, J. R.; Manning, Paul Alexander
1997Type-4 pili: biogenesis, adhesins, protein export and DNA importManning, Paul Alexander; Meyer, T. F.
1997Accuracy of two pulse oximeters during maximal cycling exerciseWood, R. J.; Gore, Christopher J.; Hahn, Allan G.; Norton, K. I.; Scroop, Garry Campbell; Campbell, D. P.; Watson, D. B.; Emonson, D. L.
1997VCR repetitive sequence elements in the Vibrio cholerae chromosome constitute a mega-integronClark, C. A.; Purins, L.; Kaewrakon, Pranom; Manning, Paul Alexander
1997Mutants in the CtpA copper transporting P-type ATPase reduce virulence of Listeria monocytogenesFrancis, Matthew S.; Thomas, Connor J.
1997The Listeria monocyogenes gene ctpA encodes a putative P-type ATPase involved in copper transportFranics, M. S.; Thomas, Connor J.