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2011Anti-diabetic actions of a non-agonist PPARgamma ligand that blocks Cdk5-mediated phosphorylationChoi, J.; Banks, A.; Kamenecka, T.; Busby, S.; Chalmers, M.; Kumar, N.; Kuruvilla, D.; Shin, Y.; He, Y.; Bruning, J.; Marciano, D.; Cameron, M.; Laznik, D.; Jurczak, M.; Schurer, S.; Vidovic, D.; Shulman, G.; Spiegelman, B.; Griffin, P.
2014Characterization of human variants in obesity-related SIM1 protein identifies a hot-spot for dimerization with the partner protein ARNT2Sullivan, A.; Raimondo, A.; Schwab, T.; Bruning, J.; Froguel, P.; Farooqi, I.; Peet, D.; Whitelaw, M.
2015Review of the structural and dynamic mechanisms of PPAR γ partial agonismKroker, A.; Bruning, J.
2013Rare variants in single-minded 1 (SIM1) are associated with severe obesityRamachandrappa, S.; Raimondo, A.; Cali, A.; Keogh, J.; Henning, E.; Saeed, S.; Thompson, A.; Garg, S.; Bochukova, E.; Brage, S.; Trowse, V.; Wheeler, E.; Sullivan, A.; Dattani, M.; Clayton, P.; Datta, V.; Bruning, J.; Wareham, N.; O'Rahilly, S.; Peet, D.; et al.
2015Pharmacological repression of PPARγ promotes osteogenesisMarciano, D.; Kuruvilla, D.; Boregowda, S.; Asteian, A.; Hughes, T.; Garcia-Ordonez, R.; Corzo, C.; Khan, T.; Novick, S.; Park, H.; Kojetin, D.; Phinney, D.; Bruning, J.; Kamenecka, T.; Griffin, P.
2016SR2067 reveals a unique kinetic and structural signature for PPARγ partial agonismVan Marrewijk, L.; Polyak, S.; Hijnen, M.; Kuruvilla, D.; Chang, M.; Shin, Y.; Kamenecka, T.; Griffin, P.; Bruning, J.
2011DNA binding alters coactivator interaction surfaces of the intact VDR-RXR complexZhang, J.; Chalmers, M.; Stayrook, K.; Burris, L.; Wang, Y.; Busby, S.; Pascal, B.; Garcia-Ordonez, R.; Bruning, J.; Istrate, M.; Kojetin, D.; Dodge, J.; Burris, T.; Griffin, P.
2011Structure of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis D-alanine:D-alanine Ligase, a target of the antituberculosis drug D-CycloserineBruning, J.; Murillo, A.; Chacon, O.; Barletta, R.; Sacchettini, J.
2017Expressing a moth abcc2 gene in transgenic Drosophila causes susceptibility to Bt Cry1Ac without requiring a cadherin-like protein receptorStevens, T.; Song, S.; Bruning, J.; Choo, A.; Baxter, S.
2010Coupling of receptor conformation and ligand orientation determine graded activityBruning, J.; Parent, A.; Gil, G.; Zhao, M.; Nowak, J.; Pace, M.; Smith, C.; Afonine, P.; Adams, P.; Katzenellenbogen, J.; Nettles, K.