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2013Axl mediates acquired resistance of head and neck cancer cells to the epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor erlotinibGiles, K.; Kalinowski, F.; Candy, P.; Epis, M.; Zhang, P.; Redfern, A.; Stuart, L.; Goodall, G.; Leedman, P.
2014Significance of PELP1/HDAC2/miR-200 regulatory network in EMT and metastasis of breast cancerRoy, S.; Gonugunta, V.; Bandyopadhyay, A.; Rao, M.; Goodall, G.; Sun, L.; Tekmal, R.; Vladamudi, R.
2013Hoxb8 regulates expression of microRNAs to control cell death and differentiationSalmanidis, M.; Brumatti, G.; Narayan, N.; Green, B.; van den Bergen, J.; Sandow, J.; Bert, A.; Silke, N.; Sladic, R.; Puthalakath, H.; Rohrbeck, L.; Okamoto, T.; Bouillet, P.; Herold, M.; Goodall, G.; Jabbour, A.; Ekert, P.
2011The Notch ligand Jagged2 promotes lung adenocarcinoma metastasis through a miR-200-dependent pathway in miceYang, Y.; Ahn, Y.; Gibbons, D.; Zang, Y.; Lin, W.; Thilaganathan, N.; Alvarez, C.; Moreira, D.; Creighton, C.; Gregory, P.; Goodall, G.; Kurie, J.
2012IsomiRs - the overlooked repertoire in the dynamic microRNAomeNeilsen, C.; Goodall, G.; Bracken, C.
2013Inferring microRNA-mRNA causal regulatory relationships from expression dataLe, T.; Liu, L.; Tsykin, A.; Goodall, G.; Liu, B.; Sun, B.; Li, J.
2018Regulation of splicing and circularisation of RNA in epithelial mesenchymal plasticityNeumann, D.; Goodall, G.; Gregory, P.
2012Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix influences expression of microRNAs in cancer cell linesPrice, K.; Tsykin, A.; Giles, K.; Sladic, R.; Epis, M.; Ganss, R.; Goodall, G.; Leedman, P.
2018miR-222 isoforms are differentially regulated by type-I interferonNejad, C.; Pillman, K.; Siddle, K.; P├ępin, G.; Anko, M.; McCoy, C.; Beilharz, T.; Quintana-Murci, L.; Goodall, G.; Bracken, C.; Gantier, M.
2010Identifying functional miRNA-mRNA regulatory module with correspondence latent dirichlet allocationLiu, B.; Liu, L.; Tsykin, A.; Goodall, G.; Green, J.; Zhu, M.; Kim, C.; Li, J.